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      Edward Pearse

        Well I think this alternate site has been around for a year or more but it was done as a way to try and replace the coding on the old BAR. Which in itself was a migration from the old NING group. Which….

        Yeah I’ve been around for a while :-)

        Go ahead and introduce yourselves. I know there have been some new residents take up plots in Quarry Hill, as well as us oldbies who been here forever.

        Me? DJ, clotheshorse and sometime actual maker of menswear, with a doctorate in procrastination. Emergency Admin if you can’t get hold of Tenk or Jimmy.

        Say hi.

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        Cyan Rayna

          Hello. I am Cyan Rayna. Website Admin by day Urchin Cheetah cat person by night… or something like that.

          If you have any issues with the site I’m generally the one to come to (like why this post isn’t showing up in the latest activity thread on the side…)

          Inside SL I am a builder and occasional RPer and just like to have fun, even if I have been rather busy lately. :3

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          Tepic Harlequin

            Ello all! Tepic here, proud New Babbage urchin and fox, causing minor trouble in the City since ferever! Yer can see me picture in posters all over town… just look fer the ones with ‘Wanted for Questioning’ or ‘Have you seen this Miscreant?’.

            Purvayor of all vole milk products, brewer of the notorious Urchin Spirits, owner of the Sneaky Vole roving bar and flute player.

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                Hey Tepic, Cyan, Dee, Tishati, Edda :D

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                Made it! Nice to be here! And I shall be sure to photograph some of the highlights of the old cabbage…..

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                Vic Mornington


                  I’m an honest tradesman and hotelier…

                  Any rumours about me are just scurrilous hearsay…

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                      Honest?!?! Honest???!?! I’ve heard some say that you’re nigh unto the right hand of Sa… um, nevermind….

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                      Hallo your Grace! :D

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                        Hi everyone! Looks like we’re all coming out of the woodwork now :)

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                        Stargirl Macbain

                          Hi! I’m Stargirl (Hi Stargirl!) I run the Red Cat.

                          I’m…also probably a mod? I dunno, something like that.

                          I am absolutely a part of #roleplayersanonymous.

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                          Coleen McGee

                            ello, I’m Coleen…I just picked yer pocket!

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                            Hello! Kris here. Made it over from the old page. Still poking my profile around in little bits. Rp addict with too many alts.

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                            Loki Eliot

                              Greetings, i am Loki, i’ve been referred to as a street urchin, founder and mischief maker. I’ve been missing from New Babbage for a while after it was suggested all the bad stuff that happened during the past decade was because of me and my grandfather, who built a machine that ripped a hole through time and space.

                              I miss being part of the New Babbage bigger picture but return every now and then for the annual Burning Barrel race and pancake race.

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                              Layla De First

                                Good day, everyone!

                                It’s nice to see you here and it’s nice to be here!
                                Some of you already know me, some I am happy to meet.
                                We kindly invite you to visit the Polish Embassy in New Babbage. We have a great wine and quite good music of Chopin. And of course you can find out more about Poland!
                                See you here and, of course, in the city!

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                                Wilson Mimulus

                                  Hello, everyone. I’m Wilson Mimulus and despite being around and having land in New Babbage for a while now I would still consider myself fairly new to the community since I never really interacted very much within the community as I wasn’t sure what kind of character I wanted to portray and I was nervous about interacting with others for a long time.


                                  I’m a fairly new face, metaphorically speaking, around the city; Dr. Wilson Mimulus. Spurred on at a young age to learn about medical science due to my own fight with a debilitating muscular wasting terminal illness I was able to ensure my survival at a rather drastic cost which was namely my entire body, a cost some would say may have been ethically dubious at best. Coming from other cities where the closed minded rabble resented the progress I’ve made through research and experimentation to medical science I’ve decided to move into a recently acquired old library, soon converting it into a free medical clinic.

                                  New Babbage, with both its dedication to human progress through science with understanding there can sometimes be certain costs for progress as well as the nature of the city giving rise to rare and new medical ailments, seems like the perfect place to begin anew.

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                                  Jimmy Branagh

                                    Oh, faw any new people, Oy’m Jimmy. Oy’ve been in New Babbage forever. They call me a urchin but Oy’m a busy man! Oy works faw Mr. Dark at th’ Wax Museum, an’ also sorta on retainer to th’ Mayor faw this an’ thet too. Oy ’as a noice rezzydence in Babbage but it’s secret an’ no Oy won’t tell ya. Anywhys Oy knows most everything about this plyce so’s ifn ya need somethin’ th’ deal is ”somethin’ faw you, somethin’ faw me”. An’ don’t troy no funny stuff neither. Oy been around.

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                                    Beryl Strifeclaw

                                      Hello everyone.  I’m Beryl Strifeclaw, or at least that’s the character I play most often.  I’m probably in character when we meet as the chronically doom obsessed cat.  Feel free to IM me if you need something out of character.  I’m a moderator for this website so if Cyan isn’t around feel free to contact me for trouble here.  If nothing else I can contact him.

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                                      Phineas T. Barnum

                                        Good day everyone!
                                        New player here in Babbage…but I’ve finally found the RP community I’ve been seeking for years! Showbiz and eccentricity is my passion, the many museums and travelling carnivale has captivated my soul…perhaps one day I will move from Bridgeport and set up here but only time will tell!
                                        Not easily spooked by the abnorm, only INTRIGUED!
                                        No caution needed upon approach, I’m not going to steal your wallet…yet!

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                                        Captain Killian

                                          Greetings, fellow New Babbagers. May I introduce myself (apparently I have been remiss in doing so earlier)… I am Captain Killian Jameson, captain of the dirigible The Buckled Squash; formerly a courier and attache of the Diplomatic Corps of Chrononauts. Since the sudden (and prolonged) disappearance of the Ambassador to New Babbage, I have found other employment in town, all the while keeping the consulate open and in repair should Ambassador Xero return.

                                          I run the Tell-Tale Heart Pub as well, located in Babbage Palisade next to the Tram Terminal (Music and Role-play the second Tuesday of every month). I also have lately opened The Conservatory, a lovely ballroom situated on Speculation Lake in Quarry Hill (monthly formal dances on the fourth Saturday). The Conservatory may be rented by the day, and is suitable for tea parties, cotillions, debutante balls, society meetings, and other refined events.

                                          I have lately been (mostly) responsible for bringing Mr JiP’s Traveling Carnival back to town. Mr. JiP does not speak our languages very well, so I have become his de facto liaison. You may contact me if there are any issues with the Carnival, which is located on the plaza in Quarry Hill, overlooking the lake.



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                                            Hello, I’m Bella, the little clockwork you see running around Babbage half lost most of the time!

                                            Not much to tell but always happy to chat!  However if lost return to the yellow house by the asylum!

                                            I currently write for the Babbage Post and always love to hear stories people have to tell!

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                                            Klaus Wulfenbach

                                              Guten Tag.  I am Klaus Wulfenbach, a long-time resident of New Babbage, although not as active in the city’s social life as I might prefer due to time constraints — although I do sponsor the occasional Oiling Festival competition.  I also leave food out for urchins, but do not tell them that.  They prefer to think they’re nicking it.


                                              The Baronin and I have an Embassy open in New Babbage for those who might want to visit the house and grounds; and those who are prone to travelling are welcome in Neu Wulfenstadt and the surrounding wilderness in Europa Wulfenbach.

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                                              Ceejay Writer

                                                Greetings and hallucinations! I’m Ceejay Writer. I originally moved to Babbage in 2008 and wow that’s a full decade ago. Wow. Okay, I need to sit down and feel old for a bit. *pause*  Okay, I feel better now. So, I stole a building from DreddPirateBob Streeter (aka The Stinkpot) in ’09 and converted it into the original CocoaJava. The CocoaJava is still around, in about it’s 6th incarnation, but it is still what it has always been intended to be, as the sign over the door in Babbage Canals reads, “A Writer’s Retreat ~ A Bohemian Rhapsody”.  The doors are never locked, mostly cause someone stole the doors last year and we can’t find them. :D After Summer hiatus, we’ll be returning to “Tall Tales and Outright Lies” in the CocoaJava every other Saturday night 6:30-8:00slt. Meantime, the place welcomes everyone to hang out, RP, have your own events, or like Emerson, just drink.

                                                Side note – the girl behind the avi writes and publishes books that are inspired by New Babbage and its citizens. She’s the only Holuta on Amazon, so go hunt her up if so inclined.


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                                                Dr. Grendel Footman

                                                  Hello, I’m Grendel Footman, freelance surgeon, occultist, and mad scientist,  specializing in reanimated corpses.  Currently renting one of the warehouses in Port Babbage for my experiments and surgical practice. been here long enough to see Tenk take over as clockwinder, see (and cause) zombie outbreaks, stalking monsters, or class 12 malevolent hauntings,  Doc O actually take over the city, lose my old account and make a new one.

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