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      Mr Tenk

        [12:01] Tepic Harlequin: ello Mr Tenk!
        [12:02] Jimmy Branagh: An’ there ‘ee is
        [12:02] Mr.Tenk: how do, young activist
        what is the rant du jour?
        [12:02] Tepic Harlequin: the state of the sewers……
        [12:03] Mr.Tenk: ah
        [12:03] Jimmy Branagh: They’ve become a state?
        [12:03] Mr.Tenk: tell me more
        well, they got a prince..
        [12:03] Jimmy Branagh: mmm
        [12:03] Tepic Harlequin: i got most of em mapped out now, but the section under City Hall is a disgrace!
        [12:03] Mr.Tenk: you are correct

        [12:04] Jimmy Branagh: Oy got th’ elevator ready. Just needs a place to go to

        [12:05] Tepic Harlequin: could probavbly bodge up a section to connect the bits that surround it, using prims as a stopgap
        [12:05] Mr.Tenk: need some better junctions
        that’s where the trouble is. and previous don’t mate up as well as they should, had to be kludged with joiner prims to hide it
        [12:05] Tepic Harlequin: true, though you can get from my slums to Clockhaven is you are careful
        and up to the city Walls!
        there are a lot of rooms that have been fogotten, i think
        [12:06] Mr.Tenk: there are
        [12:07] Tepic Harlequin: hoping to use the system this august…
        just working out where i can put vole/rat rezzers and who i need to talk to about installing them in different locations…
        [12:08] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Beryl
        [12:08] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw tail waves
        [12:08] Tepic Harlequin: hi Beryl
        [12:08] Mr.Tenk: let me know where they are
        [12:08] Tepic Harlequin: i will :-)

        [12:09] Tepic Harlequin: to make the best of it, we would be best using Loki’s bashable system, wihich may need some HUD rezzers, once i have an approximate plan i will pass it by you, Mr Tenk
        ello Mr Smith
        [12:09] George Winston Smith: Good day
        [12:10] Beryl Strifeclaw: Hello there
        [12:10] Jimmy Branagh: ‘ello sir
        Cor, this (city hall) is th’ last thing Oy built. Went ta th’ nervous ‘ospital faw awhoile after.

        [12:10] Mr.Tenk: Might have to use this for proposals, then finish up in the forums if folks don’t show up

        [12:11] Tepic Harlequin: looks like folks is arrivin!
        [12:11] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Miss Sera!
        [12:11] Tepic Harlequin: ell Miss Sera
        [12:11] Sera: Sorry, had a family phone call
        [12:11] Mr.Tenk: time seems to move faster these days
        [12:11] Sera: Hello everyone!
        [12:11] Tepic Harlequin: watcha Mr Valeska
        [12:11] Jimmy Branagh: Hoy Professor
        [12:12] Glaubrius Valeska: Hello tepic, Jimmy
        [12:14] Jimmy Branagh: ((brb))
        [12:14] Tepic Harlequin: wonder how many European people have forgotten the time difference?
        [12:14] Sera: Good question

        [12:14] Mr.Tenk: might go crash the aether salon today and assign that one there. Righto. let’s go with contest builds for this year, for the exhibit hall “fun builds”


        which you may interpret as you will. Though I do imagine there will be plague masks


        For a 2D project, I’d like to see scenes from our own


        [12:16] Tepic Harlequin: Those of us who read ‘Nation’ got a wonderful description of a plague suit
        [12:16] Sera: :)
        [12:17] Mr.Tenk: that is, history as it applies to this world, not the real one. I always like to find out more about our history, as we have lost so much of it in the fires and cataclysms
        [12:17] Tepic Harlequin: ello Miss Domino
        [12:17] Domino DustDomino Dust nods
        [12:17] Sera: Hello Miss
        [12:18] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw starts to map out plague doctor masks that fill your mask with healthy smog… >.>
        [12:18] Sera: ooo!

        [12:18] Mr.Tenk: I know there was a snow mesh replacement that appeared this past winter for Kaylee’s old snow drifts, but let’s put that out as a group build. That’s been an overdue update. We need a


        anyone else for exhibit hall builds?
        [12:19] Tepic Harlequin: may be best to keep the number small, concentrate efforts?
        [12:20] Mr.Tenk: tell me more?
        number of proposals, you meant?
        [12:21] Tepic Harlequin: yep
        [12:21] Mr.Tenk nods


        [12:21] Tepic Harlequin: Plague Gear covers a huge nummber of possibilities :-)
        heheheh huge hooped skirts, to maintain ‘social distance’!
        [12:22] Mr.Tenk: True, could be wearables or commodities. Let’s just leave it at at that. And Horrible History for the 2D. Snow kit we need. For assigned builds, first thing I have is the


        The track is intact, it needs a car.
        Can with script must be less than 50 prims
        It must be able to cross a sim line
        This is some specialized building. The existing NBTA tram script is probably the best one to use, but there is always room for innovation.
        Physical proposals are right out! It puts too much strain on the sim resources


        If no one wants that one, I’ll leave it to the offline discussion to sort out?
        Ms Puchkina, what are the specifications for the


        Here’s some history on it: It was originally a “crackerbox” build from the early days of SL by Canolli Capalini, and it has weathered at least one previous rebuild. It’s a good old pile of bricks, but it is too big, too primmy, and with that unused 3rd floor, it’s seriously showing its age.
        [12:26] Sera: Sorry. Mouse wasn’t working
        [12:26] Mr.Tenk: chop off its tail
        [12:27] Jimmy Branagh: with a carving knife
        [12:27] Mr.Tenk: big muckin’ cleaver
        [12:27] Jimmy Branagh: /ne chuckles
        [12:27] Sera: I can go 300 prims. Want it to fit in with Babbage. 3 floors are way too many. Want quirky features like what’s there now, but not the same (secret room, reading tree, pendulum)


        [12:28] Mr.Tenk nods
        anyone object to this transcript being posted online?
        [12:28] Jimmy Branagh: Nope
        [12:28] Mr.Tenk: Any takers for the library?
        [12:28] Sera: I’ve been looking at Georgan House at Fanatik. It’s classy and well made. I will pay if anyone’s interested


        [12:29] Jimmy Branagh: I want to hear everything then see what I think I can do
        [12:29] Mr.Tenk: Righto, to the forums it goes
        [12:29] Sera: Will send you my notecard, Mayor.
        [12:29] Tepic Harlequin: ‘fraid i ain’t up to big builds, here to support :-)


        [12:29] Mr.Tenk:
        i’m going to go crash it before Jed starts her presentation today, as that gathers an audience.
        Here’s the history of it:
        Time has taken its toll on the Aether Salon and the scripts are no longer functional, and its builder sleeps amongst our honored dead. This will be the 3rd incarnation of the Aether Salon. The build straddles a sim line so that it can accommodate more avatars for special events. The lot is two 512 lots side by side, making one 1024 square lot (32×32) with a sidewalk easement. Prim allowance for the lot is 312 on the Palisade side and 468 on the Academy side. The lots will not share prims. What is physical in one sim is phantom in the other. Keep in mind that the Salon staff would like to have prims left over for furnishings and snacks.
        So that’s an intersting puzzle


        Next one I have –
        This was an RFL build. It has not worked in years.
        [12:31] Tepic Harlequin: it’s just the clock?
        [12:31] Mr.Tenk: Jayden used to coach me on how to reset the script to get it going again, but I got the feeling that it would stop every time the sim was restarted.
        [12:31] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw nods
        had the same issue
        [12:32] Mr.Tenk: That’s too high maintenance. Or else the script is overly complicated. I don’t know.
        [12:32] Beryl StrifeclawBeryl Strifeclaw had that clock script too
        [12:32] Mr.Tenk: So I would like to see that thing working again. It does not have to be integrated. The clock can run on a working clock script, which shouldn’t be that hard to find
        and the turntable can be on its own script
        there was also a winding event, for the spring on the floor. that would be the lowest priority.
        The characters on the turntable could use an update too, they look dated.
        [12:35] Mr.Tenk: Not to disparage Jayden. It was a very amazing exhibition clock, when someone could be there with their hands in it

        That’s all that was on my list
        What’s on yours?
        [12:34] Jimmy Branagh: Hmmmm
        What does Babbage NOT have …
        [12:35] Mr.Tenk:Oh, wait. that’s what i forgot

        [12:36] Tepic Harlequin: Bridge over troubled water?
        [12:36] Mr.Tenk: there is a missing bridge over Stora Canal, near the exhibition hall.
        The last one got eaten by the Bridge of Thighs
        [12:36] Beryl Strifeclaw: Makes it hard to get to the hospital.
        [12:36] Sera: That’s not good at all
        [12:37] Glaubrius Valeska: Wish Sophie was here to bid on the Salon.
        [12:37] Mr.Tenk: It’s a static bridge. It does need to maintain the clearance under it for the water taxi, which you can measure off any of the other bridges


        I’m going to take the salon bid to the salon today
        Mr.Tenk looks at list again and nods
        [12:38] Jimmy Branagh: What;s the time frame for completion of the Salon?


        [12:38] Mr.Tenk: i’d like things ready to land by Easter
        that’s about a month.


        [12:38] Jimmy Branagh: My RL is odd lately
        [12:38] Mr.Tenk: whose isn’t?
        [12:38] Jimmy Branagh: True
        [12:38] Tepic Harlequin: just lately?
        [12:38] Beryl Strifeclaw: It’s been a very strange year

        [12:39] Mr.Tenk: can we all go back to college so we can stay up all night and build like we used to?
        Mr.Tenk grins
        [12:39] Sera: That would be wonderful
        [12:39] Mr.Tenk: wonder if i’d get that sort of time back if i signed up for some adult education at the community college. hmmmmm. never did learn how to weld..
        [12:39] George Winston Smith: well if everyone is in lock-down at home to quarantine a virus then I’m expecting lots of avies that haven’t been online in years to reanimate themselves


        [12:40] Beryl Strifeclaw: that’d be nice. *smirks* If I don’t get the hospital done by next year I’m definitely putting it up as a build and I’ll pony up some linden instead.


        [12:40] Tepic Harlequin: there are lots of things being built up on the engineer’s Platform, maybe City Tours of the Platform would inspire people?
        [12:40] Mr.Tenk: heee
        i am going to go clear those old salon proposals today
        righto, how about everyone chew on that, and i’ll get a formal post written up, and we can continue this there?
        [12:41] Sera nods
        [12:41] Jimmy Branagh: Good idea
        [12:41] Mr.Tenk: because time zones. and interesting times are upon us
        [12:41] Beryl Strifeclaw: Sounds like a plan
        [12:41] Mr.Tenk:


        “General” will be the exhibit hall fun builds
        let’s give the HBM’s a rest this year
        and i would like to see a summer build later on in the year out in the green sims. Towers would be nice. just for the art of it.


        anyone got anything else?
        [12:43] Sera: nope
        [12:43] Mr.Tenk raises his hammer
        [12:44] Jimmy Branagh: Not currently
        [12:44] Mr.Tenk: righto. thank you all for your input
        [12:44] Sera waves
        [12:44] Mr.Tenk: i will have mr underby finish the paperwork
        [12:44] Beryl Strifeclaw: Have fun everyone

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