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      Vic Mornington

        It had been a long, hard slog.  After months of swamp clearing and drainage, a large tracks of fresh green land was now laying empty alongside The Fells.

        Thousands of meters above the new green land, a banging was heard, accompanied by a lot of loud shouting and cursewords.

        “I told you this wouldn’t work!” a tall blonde woman screamed at the hooved figure in the corner who was busilly pressing buttons.

        “Just hold the lever down, eventually she’l sett…”

        Just before the sentence was finished, a loud bang was heard and a grinding cracking noise filled the corridors of the ancient time machine that was Morningtons home.  Smoke and sparks cascaded from the controls…

        “See!  Told ya she would eventually crash…i mean settle in”

        The tall blonde woman rolled her eyes and stepped out of the open doors.

        Mornington had 4 months preparing the old track of land north of Academy.  A rarely visited swampland that no one entered.  A deal was stuck between city hall and Mornington for him to drain the entire land and convert it into a workable grassland north of the Academy region…the fact that he was going to park a TARDIS in an enclosed bubble of space-time was not added to the conctract…it wasnt as if City Hall needed to know anyway…

        The tall blonde woman walked off down into the deep cellars under the hall, no doubt to look for an archaic piece of the console that was left smoking and sparking they had just left.

        Mornington was laying back in the office, looking at the tally sheets for the accounts manager he had just hired in The Gut when Charlie…Vic’s long-suffering “go get” man appeared from seemingly out of nowhere….

        “Charlie! You need to show me how the hell you do that, speaking around everywhere, you would think you was an Urchin…”

        “Alright Boss, how did the…move go?”

        “Well, we lost a few rooms when we cra…i mean moved, into the new bubble…”

        Charlie looked worried…

        “Wait…wont those rooms impact the land below?!”

        “Nah, dont worry Charlie, they would burn up long before hitting the city…”

        Charlie nodded.

        “Ohhhh, by the way boss, a few urchins said they seem activity at the Gangplank, apparently there was a small gathering there”

        “Gathering?  Hmmm… might have been some of Malus friends over, can’t be Emerson, as far as I know since the license was revoked…he’s hardly been there.  Shame about that license…”

        Vic started to chuckle as the tall blonde appeared again…

        Charlie looked over to her and nodded as she walked out into the old lift to take her up to the bar.

        “Well Boss, apparently, according to some urchins…Ms Ginsburg was seen there”

        Vic immediatley started coughing and choking on the large swig of Glenfiddich he had just taken…

        “WHAT?!!!  Ginsburg is back?  Quick…call the accountant, get the port lads over here right away!”

        With that…Vic ran out of the cellar into the back trunnels…where the ‘good stuff’ was kept.

        The tall blonde walked back into the room and asked Charlie a question…

        “Why’s he so scared of this Ms Ginsburg?  The Gangplank is already ruined…”

        Charlie turned around and smiled…

        “Emerson ruined the Gangplank through a myriad of bad business decisions…Junie however…Junie is the one person who can play the “import” game as good as Mornington can…”

        The tall blonde laughed…

        “So Vic’s steamrolling over the port gang is now over…”

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        Junie Ginsburg

          Junie sat on a balcony sipping a glass of fine red wine as Victor’s port boys ambled up Four Kings alleyway toward the Academy. They were loud and brash, bragging and tussling, with no apparent concern for who should overhear. She shook her head and turned to the young man standing beside her.

          “Your friends are all so sloppy I barely even need you, but…”

          She pressed a small leather satchel into his hand.

          “All I need is a key to the gate on the sewers. When you have it, give it to the Squire.”

          The young man nodded, and she furrowed her brow in thought.

          “Hey, tell me something. Do you and your friends go all the way up to the hotel to drink after a long day on the docks?”

          He shook his head. “No, he don’t want the likes of us drinkin’ in the bar and dustin’ the place up on account of his posh guests. Not that we’d drink there anyhow, it ain’t exactly the kinda place me and the lads can cut loose. If you know what I mean.”

          He blushed slightly, and Junie grinned.

          “Remember where you come from, kiddo. Clockhaven is home. Let’s give that smug ratcatcher a run for his money!”


          ((The city may be overdue for a good round of Bar Wars – who’s in?))


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            ((I think Macknight Culdesac needs to write a Bar Wars theme. :-) ))

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            Vic Mornington

              It wasn’t a good day for Mornington.  Late arrivals at the Port, plus a crate of Bourbon going missing and to top it all off, suddenly, for no known reason, City Hall officials had decided to halt his progress on the renovations of the cavernous cellars below the hotel.

              “What?!  You mean you lost the only spare key to the main gate for the sewer network?”

              The tired Port hand gazed up at Mornington and nodded…


              “Get out! Go make yourself useful at the lighthouse dock…now I’ll need to go get another damn key cut…”

              An hour later, Mornington met up with Charlie and the tall blonde woman, and all three gazed at a pile of newly rolled iron sheeting and iron brace holder that had been delivered to the main cave directly below the lift shaft going up into the hotel’s bar…

              Charlie was the first to speak…

              “Ok boss, I give up, da hell is all this for?”

              Mornington grinned and beckoned the other two to follow him.

              “All that steel and sheeting is going to be installed here…”

              Both the blonde woman and Charlie’s jaw dropped.

              “You mean… you are going to cover the entrance to the main cellars in sheet steel?!  Isn’t that a bit overboard?”

              “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie…” said Mornington as he tutted…

              “NOTHING is overboard when it comes to Ginsburg being back in town.  With her back in town it means the Gangplank is back in business.  With the Gangplank back in business it means she’ll try and stir up trouble with the port boys, with the port boys being swayed it means no more cut cost delivery…and it also means Sir Sir Lord Duke Sir Lighthouse will come scurrying back.”

              Mornington tapped out his ornate ivory pipe…

              The blonde woman turned around and looked at Vic…

              “…but hold on…these back cellars only hold the Chivas…you are going overboard with steel plate to stop folks gaining access to the Chivas?”

              Mornington grinned…

              “Not folks… just one particular person…”



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