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      Tepic Harlequin

        Tepic was walking along in Canals when he turned a corner to find a fenced off area, and peaking over the top was…. an Elephant! He gazed up at it in awe, the magnificence of it was stunning. Leaning casually on the fence panels he eventually found a few loose ones and after checking he was unobservered, he slipped through.

        Inside it was even more wonderful, especially when he found there was a hole between the front legs and was able to haul himself into the beast. It was hollow, sheltered and quite a large space, ideal for a small person to live in.

        Over the next few days, various supplies went missing – planks from the lumber yard, some rolls of wallpaper from a decorator’s cart and a small ladder. The last was the most puzzeling, as old Mr Harris was working onhis roof and the missing ladder gave him considerable trouble when he wanted to come down….

        The Old War Triumph

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        Captain Killian

          This is to notify the citizens of New Babbage that I am in no way connected with the appearance of this elephant. I got out of the elephant business when they wrecked my airship a few years ago.

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