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      Vic Mornington

        So, i have spent the past few days dropping land in places where i just don’t visit anymore and i just went over to throw money at a their box every months, call it a bit of a late spring clean of my land holdings.

        I realised that with a little bit of spare cash now in the pocket i figured i should go ahead with something that i have been mulling over in my head since Blackberry Fields got moved into New Babbage and more especially since the Great Exhibition was running, a dedicated welcoming center for new visitors.

        The build is down on the ground on Front Street in Port Babbage and is currently being fitted out inside.

        This will be a dedicated build to direct first time visitors to the city.  It will have explanations of each of the 12 regions of the city, info boards on what the city is about, land buying, short term hotel stays, long term city municipal build rentals, events and anything else i can cram into the place before i run out of LI.

        It will also have a small office upstairs on the mezzanine so i can keep an eye on my tax evasio….keep an eye on whats going on in port so everything is legal because as everyone knows i am a fine upstanding member of the city and always pay my taxes on time and never have a bonfire just after Christmas to burn all my tax records…

        The upper mezzanine will hold the “Trade” part of the building, but its mainly for light RP purposes.  The bulk of the real build will be on the ground floor for new visitors to the city

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        Ceejay Writer

          Good work, Viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiictor!

          Will this be in addition to the waterfront newcomer stuff, or in place of?  I want to be sure I link to the right location from elsewhere. Got a SLurl you could drop here for everyone’s convenience?

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