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        The Hyde Park (or Crystal Palace) Great Exhibition took place in London’s Hyde Park in 1851. The entire exhibition was housed inside what was essentially a glass and iron palace which was large enough and tall enough to actually be built around and over some of the tree’s in Hyde Park.

        The City State of New Babbage Great Exhibition will be the Second Life counterpart to the original Exhibition held over a century ago. With the late victorian and steampunk theme of New Babbage, and the grassland sims of the north of the city laying empty (because hey, its grasslands) it makes for the perfect setting.

        The Palace itself will be split into two halves. One half for “Present Day” which, in the timeline of New Babbage will be the Victorian age. This half of the palace will be dedicated to all things, Steampunk, Victorian and before.

        The second half will be the “Future Inventions” wing, which will open up this exhibit to anything that’s outside the realm of Steampunk and Victorian which means, yes, even SciFi can get involved with this one!

        The event is in its early planning stage and the date itself hasn’t been fully set yet, however it will take place in early Spring of 2020.

        If you are interested in taking part, or for more information, please click on the link…


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        Vic Mornington

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