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      Bookworm Hienrichs

        Saffia Widdershins (of ‘Designing Worlds’ fame) is looking for volunteers for a photoshoot on Saturday.  (Times to come once I hear them from her.)  Needs are:

        1. We need children in a sort of thieves den (like Fagin’s). It’s probably only a couple of shots on Saturday, so about half an hour.

        2. I need Victorians out for trick or treating, people who can play old men, and children.

        Please get in touch with Saffia or myself if you’re interested!

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        Beryl Strifeclaw

          I’ll notify a few friends, specifically those who don’t have facebook or check this site often.  =^_^=

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          Tepic Harlequin

            ‘slong as it ain’t in the middle of the night, might be able ter come along…. will there be sweets fer the trick or treating?

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            Edward Pearse

              I can help out (both kids and Victorians) depending on the time.

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