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      Mr Tenk

      I don’t want to go full speed on this year’s Oiling Festival until Fantasy Faire is over, but there are things that need to get done.

      First up: Mr Pearse has attached his new map on my desk with a Crocodile Dundee sized Knife which must mean he wants more street names.

      Please come up with some more street names by replying to this thread or on the Discord (Discord replies will be pasted here for record keeping)

      Note: the first round of street names, in my opinion, was far to serious with memorializing names of famous engineers. We need more whimsical names for balance.

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      Tepic Harlequin

      How about Sizzle Snake Street, for one of the streets between two canals, can just imagine the street filling with snakes during migration…..

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      Junie Ginsburg

      Marth Street

      Abigail Street

      Emperor’s Bottle Lane

      Drunkard’s Loop

      This Way

      That Way

      The Other Way

      Hyperbole Avenue

      Quantlin Place

      Cinderberry Avenue

      Ratcatcher Lane

      Lost Spanner Way

      Sugar Run Crescent


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      Edward Pearse

      Need one in Quarry Hill called All Your Ducks In A      Row.

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      Sheobedauf Route
      Averg Traversal
      Daithmurks Intersection
      Aeshaeirs External Signatory

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      Vic Mornington

      A “Close”, or “Wynd” is old scots for a small lane or small street between two buildings…

      Rookit Close (Rookit = no money)

      Smiddy Wynd (Smiddy = slang for Blacksmiths)

      Coopers Close

      Heckling Wynd (nope, not that type of heckling, old slang for a flax spinner)


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