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      Avariel Falcon

        It is traditional in the city of New-Babbage that with the coming of snow Jack arrives with a sealed envelope containing the name of the animal we are to make for the snow animal contest!

        Professor Falcon, Unit #6 and Jack are gathered round the table as the letter is opened…

        Professor Falcon pondered the letter… “It is somewhat bigger and softer than usual… Let us see what is inside!”.

        A Soft Goat Photograph<script async src=”//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js” charset=”utf-8″></script>

        Unit #6 rumbled, “A… Soft… Goat…”.
        The Professor nodded, “A long horned bicorn! Hopefully this will inspire the people of New-Babbage to build snow animals! We shall judge these on Bicornlyness!”.
        Unit #6 rumbled in reply, “SQUEE!”.
        Jack waved his stick and shouted! “Goatlyness!!!”.

        It’s time to announce the animal for the New-Babbage winter snow animal build contest for this wonderful year 188x! Yay!

        And this years animal is… GOATS!

        Prizes awarded based on Bicornlyness, Goatlyness and SQUEE!

        1st: L$2000
        2nd: L$1000
        3rd: L$500
        Runner up / Notable mention: L$100

        Land Impact will be 15 or less, old style prims or mesh are good, sculpties less so as we are generally trying to move away from sculpts.
        The build area will be the old fountain in Clockhaven!
        The last day for placing of snow goats will be the 11th of January, after that I will photograph all the snow goats and the judging will commence!

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