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        I guess many of the newer members will not know me and, perhaps, the memories of the ‘more-established’ residents of me are starting to fade too. That is to be expected – I haven’t been present on Second Life for many months now. You may remember me as Maxwell Grantly, the steam-powered clockwork teddy (who also liked to write free children’s steampunk eBooks.) You may not have realised that, as well as being a New Babbage resident, I was also active with the Second Life project Pfaffenthal: a historically accurate reconstruction of 1867 Luxembourg. When the funding for the Pfaffenthal project expired, one year ago, the sim closed down and one of the major ‘Second Life’ draws for me terminated too. At the same time, the creator (cyberpiper) spoke with me about the idea of recreating the virtual world on a different platform (Roblox – a gaming platform that was biased towards a younger audience) and so together, 50-50, we started to rebuilt the project there. Although the project is far from finished – there is so much more to do – I was persuaded by another New Babbage friend to share my news here. I agreed that, perhaps, some of you might be interested to learn what is happening – if only to reassure yourselves that I have not dissolved away into some eternal ethernet of non-existence.

        Here is a short clip of the project so far, superimposed with original reference photographs. (Please forgive the plug.)  If you are interested to find out more, please come back to me and I can pass on more details. You might be interested to know that both cyberpiper and myself are keen steampunk fans and we have both discussed privately our desire to replicate the authentic version of 1867 Luxembourg and create a virtual steampunk world. Now, that does sound fun but I think, with all the work that we have, it might be many years down the pipeline!


        Keep building!

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        Junie Ginsburg

          Hey Maxwell!  Nice video – it looks great!  Are you on the New Babbage Discord server? A lot of conversation takes place over there so I’m going to paste a link to your post over there. :-)

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          Edward Pearse

            How could we forget that teddy bear?

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              No, Junie, I am not a member of the Discord group. Although I rarely am found within Second Life now, please do paste a link for me. It would be good to catch up with all the news.

              Thank you, Edward. I’m glad that you have a better memory than I.

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