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      Mr Tenk

        In the early hours of the morning of June 10th, a John Doe was found floating in Le Canal Django.

        Doc Miggins, city coroner, determined that the John had been drinking heavily and did not die by drowning. The body had been attacked by wiggyfish before it was retrieved so the exact cause of death could not be determined, but foul play is suspected.

        33 suspects are wanted for questioning in connection to the case. Will they be able to come up with an alibi?

        33 suspicious objects were retrieved from 33 potential crime scenes.

        Your mission: Solve this murder with the Who, the Where, and the How. It’s not enough to simply tell the three as in the CLUE board game, you must put it together in a story. Points will be given for the most outrageous accusations. You may post a story at any time on this thread or on the Discord +news-rp channel.

        Clues (cards) are available in penny-linden gatcha machines that have been placed around town in various bars and drinking establishments.  Pay them 1 linden to get a card.  There are 100 cards, less the 3 held back for the solution. Links to high-rez copies of maps and contact sheets are on the bar at the city hall mezzanine.

        At the end of the game, the gatcha pot will be split between the best parlor scene accusation (doesn’t have to be correct) as well as the correct solution.

        Announcing what cards you have acquired here, in Discord, or group chat will be considered cheating. Please control yourself (you know who you are) so it is fun for everyone.

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        Mr Tenk

          14 gatcha vendors are live as of this morning (a handful are set to free delivery, or you can pick some wealthy pockets to get some change to feed your addictive slot machine habit).

          Here’s a hint: the closer a vendor is to where the item should be found geographically, the more likely it is to give it.

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          Mr Tenk

            The victim was identified as a male, age 40ish, and most likely a Romachurian dock worker (you can always tell by the shoes). Suppose inquiries could be in the Port?

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