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      Junie Ginsburg

        The City State of New Babbage Engineers notes for October 17th, 2019

        FALL SEASON SHIFT is in effect. Build enforcement is traditionally relaxed for October, but please don’t put out decorations that look like they came from the Hallmark Store in the 1980s.

        PUMPKIN QUEEN: Edda Underwood (edan borrelly) has been crowned the Pumpkin Queen for this year. She has notice powers and will be issuing the collectable trick or treat punkin for this year, amongst other things. IM her to get your copy to put on your doorstep for trick or treat tours of the city.

        BOOK CLUB is reading MOUSE TRAP by Carlton Mellick III
        (note: Early readers are raving about it already)
        For almost 20 years, Carlton Mellick III has been writing some of the strangest and most compelling novels the bizarro fiction genre has to offer. Described as one of the top 40 science-fiction writers under the age of 40 by The Guardian and “one of the most original novelists working today” by extreme horror legend Edward Lee, Mellick returns with a quiet, apocalyptic tale of young unrequited love in a dying world.
        Paperback only, available at Amazon. Take a chance and discover a whole new genre!

        Join us for a relaxing hour of book talk and tiny cakes on Oct. 27th at 1pm at the RF Burton Library..

        ADVENT CALENDAR: Fauve Aeon is wondering if we can come up with enough gifties to put together an advent calendar for the city and tourists. IM her directly or through the Discord server..

        BAR/FORUMS update: Cyan Rayna and Junie Ginsburg have been giving the website an overhaul and it is getting easier to use. It will be shifting to more of a roleplay emphasis outlet as news and chatter moves to the Discord server. I’m liking it. The old wiki database is slowly being uploaded.

        ATTENTION WRITERS — CHRISTMAS IN NEW BABBAGE SUBMISSION CALL: Submissions are open for winter holiday stories. Stories must take place in the NB world, may not mention unassociated sims (such as Caledon, for legal reasons), length up to 7500 words.
        One story will be selected for broadcast. Other stories may be selected for inclusion in an anthology. If you wrote one of the stories on a previous Christmas Broadcast, please resend it for the anthology. Deadline: November 1st, 2019
        Email as DOC or RTF attachment to curiousgallery@gmail.com
        Accepted stories will get contracts and $$ compensation.
        Submission of a manuscript does not guarantee acceptance.

        Shopkeepers – to get in on the Historical Hunts, join their group “Historical Hunts, Ltd. Merchants” (group key: 7905bf06-13d9-011c-84be-5dc9b1592f2c) or follow the blog at http://historicalhunts.blogspot.com/

        ≡ EXHIBITS & ongoing events & other stuff to do

        The Bridge of Thighs has appeared and this year, we have two Schpookies! The Haus on Quarry Hill, and the Hotel in Wheatstone. Do you dare explore?

        October Oddities
        a little something to start off the Halloween season.
        New artwork by Skusting Dagger
        now on display at the Fonzerelli Docks, Babbage Canals.

        This month’s selection is MURDERS IN THE RUE MORGUE, based on a story by Edgar Allen Poe. Click the big picture of the train on the back wall, which is the movie screen.

        BABBAGE CHRONICLES is the longest running story line in town, and where a lot of the original lore came from. If you’re new to town and still feel like you are floundering, now is your chance to get caught up. Girl Meets Boy, a HUD based story hunt, is available at the Cobblestone House in Babbage Square (across the canal from Loki’s Absinthe). This HUD should be a lot less unobtrusive than previous systems.

        ≡ EVENT LISTINGS ≡

        Here’s a list of recurring events so you can avoid conflicts. Note that Babbage events are traditionally designed to rotate so the calendar doesn’t get overbooked and everyone gets a chance to play.

        Metal Monday – Monday early evening
        Kunstchameleon Social Salon – Alternating Tuesdays 2-4pm
        Game Night at Underwood Apothecary – 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 6-7:30pm
        Midweek Recharge – Wednesday 6-8pm
        Steampunk Storytime – Thursdays at 7p
        Foot Tappin’ Friday – Friday early evening (rotating location)
        Breakfast/Bedlam in Babbage – 2nd Saturday morning/afternoon (due to seasonal time shifts)
        Tall Tales and Outright Lies – Alternating Saturdays 6:30-8pm
        Piermont Landing Presents (formal balls) – 3rd Saturday 6-9pm
        Monthly dances at The Conservatory (formal dress) – 4th Saturday 5-7pm
        Book Club – usually 3rd or 4th Sunday 1pm
        Aether Salon – 3rd Sunday 2pm
        Salty Sundays @ The Salty Dog – alternating Sundays 4-6pm

        (check the Discord channel for up to date event listings)

        Venue changes weekly, watch for announcements.

        SATURDAY 2-4p
        and SUNDAY 11a-1p
        Frankenstein is back! Last year FFR partnered with Seanchai Library for a live broadcast of a radio drama adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic. Did we record it and produce it? You BET we did! We will be airing this 2-hour presentation twice, and you won’t want to miss it. The cast features Zander Greene, Elrik Merlin, David Abbot, Corwyn Allen, Caledonia Skytower, with Shandon Loring as Frankenstein’s Creation.

        with Dee Wells
        GRAAAH! AAAHHHHHH!!!!! It’s MONDAAAAAAAYY. Shake that fine hair, bright son of Odin! At Chamber Three with Dee.

        with Dee Wells

        with Mr Tenk
        Enjoy a short appetizer of creepypasta, followed by an audiofiction selection from one of Mr Tenk’s favorite podcast finds.


        For other events, dont forget to check out the Aether Chrononauts


        Two 512s opened up in Palisades. If you don’t see what you are looking for on the list, make proposal to Mosseveno. Tenk and he might know where it is hidden. Not all lots are listed.

        Contact Mosseveno Tenk or Jimmy Branagh to buy land. For the latest up to date land & rentals notecard and a map of the empty plots, click the spike on the map at City Hall front hall.


        New Babbage B.A.R web forums – https://cityofnewbabbage.net

        YouTube Channel (NEW LINK) – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCE4W-RCevescH3hFdeHnXcEyiukm6Vh5

        Vimeo Channel – https://vimeo.com/channels/1505818

        New Babbage Flickr Group (MODERATED) – https://www.flickr.com/groups/3584945@N21/

        Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/newbabbage

        Babbage Chronicles Roleplay Twitter – https://twitter.com/BabbageMystery

        (answers in next week’s notecard. some will be up for debate throughout the next week)

        Where was the original location of the Gangplank?
        Where the Noctis store is in Babbage Palisades, across the street from Pears’d and Cut.

        Who was the owner?
        Dr. Augustus Dayafter, who arrived here with his crew after a spacetime anomaly accident. They often tried to find a way back to their own world

        Why would you “walk the plank” at the original Gangplank?
        The plank that was suspended above the bar by ropes was an En Garde pitch.

        Where was Clockspire Cove?
        It was a water homestead sim south of Vernian Sea, with a ‘skull island’ style build which was the secret lair of Doctor Obolensky

        How many people were killed by Hippo Vendors before they were banned from the city?
        Many. Hippo version 1 vendors were so hard on the sim servers that it was often impossible to walk in shopping districts. Babbage Canals in particular was known for silently disconnecting and trapping avatars which could not be logged in again until the sim was restarted, usually at the request of a frazzled alt.

        What was the original function of the tubes on the Vernian seafloor? (Bonus if you can do it with roleplay AND actual build reasons)
        The tubes on the Vernian sea floor was originally part of the Relay For Life track. Mayor Sprocket decided to keep them and raised the entire city 80 meters to make a deeper ocean for them.
        If you roll back the carpet, you’ll find the old rails used by the Vernian Sea Mine and Salvage Company, which was abandoned after the business failed.

        What was the incident that set off the Oblenskidonian occupation of New Babbage?
        Mr Tenk was lured into a giant bottle of milk and sent off to sea by Doctor Obolensky (so tenk’s typist could go on summer travels),

        What is the oldest standing build/business in New Babbage that is still in its original location (not counting city hall)?
        The Imperial Theatre.

        What is the oldest build/business in New Babbage that is not in its original location?
        Pears’d and Cut, which was behind Loki’s Absinthe on Jefferson Street.

        What build is most likely to have the oldest rezzed prim in the city?
        The flame jets above the Voom Vats in Babbage Canals appear to be the oldest prims in the city.
        The oldest preserved build in the city is the stockyard gates which now form the entrance to the Academy’s side yard.

        Who was the hanging man found in the Imperial Theater at the beginning of the Eliot Affair?
        ……anyone? stumped me on this one.

        What was the original name of Brunel Hall?
        Crumb Hall, in honor of Emperor Ezra Crumb II

        Who is the “Prince-Under-Clockhaven”?
        Prince Thomas of Dunsany., leader of the morlocks.

        What was Mr Underby’s profession before he got a position at City Hall?
        A fortuneteller and spiritualist “table-knocker.”

        What sim was rezzed twice?
        Two answers are correct!
        Academy of Industry was a homestead sim east of Palisades built by Mayor Sprocket, which was very green and grassy. The ‘academy’ was based on Kaylee’s castle like real life high school. It was moved at the request of Doctor Obolensky to become Clockspire Cove. Mayor Tenk put a full sized sim east of Palisades to extend the city wall, which brought back the Academy of Industry name.
        North Fells was a full price homestead sim which was derezzed when it was decided to derez Vernian Deep, a grandfathered homestead sim south of Clockhaven. Vernian Deep was moved to keep the grandfathered pricing and became The Fells that we know today.

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        Edward Pearse

          I got 8/15. I was wondering about the Imperial Theatre, because even though it’s still in the same location, it’s been rebuild.

          Oh and it’s Pearse’d & Cut not Pears’d & Cut :-P

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