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      Elleon Bergamasco

        The White Rabbit Pub is looking for a barkeep. We serve drinks, food, and have comfortably worn in sofas. You work for tips, in a windowless, dark, and frankly sometimes smelly pub, but the furnishings were new once, and there is a fireplace where we burn dried leftover wiggyfish parts for warmth. Location Clockhaven, bring your own book to read, all the ale you can drink (and still stay conscious).


        Try not to burn the place down.

        E. Bergamasco

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        Ceejay Writer

          Can’t be any worse than living in the Mechanix Arms back in the day!

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            The Archivist

              Hey! I lived in Mechanix Arms for about a year. I loved it. Okay, the landlady had to speak to me about loud, smelly experiments I was doing with Professor Valeska. And I admit they were kind of noxious. And, well, really loud. Okay, ear piercingly loud.

              So I we moved to Iron Bay and the Lemon Snickety house and stayed there for the first several years of New Babbage founding…

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