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      Fauve Aeon

        Update to add the cutoff date, Nov 26.

        The Yule Goat has bleated out a faint message that has passed through the Aether – he is on schedule to arrive in New Babbage for the holidays this year. 🐐🐐🐐

        Some years, when we have been extra-good, the Yule Goat comes to New Babbage over the deep winter and he hides himself. We must search for him, but once he is discovered, the ‘Tyme of Gifting’ commences, and there is a gift every day from December 1 through Christmas. Traditionally, it has been handicrafts that were usually mostly made by nonprofessional makers and our neighbors, small tokens of friendship and community. A few master creators have generously donated some gorgeous gifts as well at times. Many of us like to build small things or texture things and some full permission mesh-makers do allow their meshes to be distributed with new textures as a limited group gift, so please read and follow the TOS of any prefabs. If you kit bash or bring something in from a 3d mesh site, please follow their terms as well.
        The whole purpose of this event is goodwill and community spirit, and to inspire builders of all skill levels to be creative and share their talents.

        Everybody seems to like New Babbage themed swag of some sort or another so that’s always a safe bet for theme! Even better if it is a yearly commemorative piece. 188x-2023, lol. Full perm items to Fauve Aeon please and she will set them mod/copy (preferred so we can tinker) or just copy, as you wish.

        IMPORTANT NOTE: New creators, please do not be shy… We would love to appreciate your first build and celebrate it with you!It is always the right time to become a builder. IIATRTTBAB? Lol. Maybe just BAB.

        But seriously – get creative, make something, have fun, and share it!

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        Fauve Aeon

          Last call for the 2023 Advent Calendar gifties please. Contact me inworld please and mind the cutoff this year, November 26. Anything later and I will ask you to come place it as a community gift sometime in December once the Goat is Revealed.
          Big thank you’s to those who have Fed the Goat, and a gentle poke to those who committed but are still steamin’ along.

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