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Mr Tenk


    sponsor: Serafina Puchkina

    Builder: Sophie

    City Librarian Serafina Puchkina would like to rebuild the RF Burton Public Library. It was originally a “crackerbox” build from the early days of SL by Canolli Capalini, and it has weathered at least one previous rebuild. It’s a good old pile of bricks, but it is too big, too primmy, and with that unused 3rd floor, it’s seriously showing its age.

    Budget is no more than 300 prims. It should fit in with Babbage look. 3 floors are way too many. Ms P would like to see some new quirky features, but don’t reproduce what is there now. Do something new.  (extant quirky features would be the secret room, the reading tree, and the pendulum)