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Junie Ginsburg

    Junie sat on a balcony sipping a glass of fine red wine as Victor’s port boys ambled up Four Kings alleyway toward the Academy. They were loud and brash, bragging and tussling, with no apparent concern for who should overhear. She shook her head and turned to the young man standing beside her.

    “Your friends are all so sloppy I barely even need you, but…”

    She pressed a small leather satchel into his hand.

    “All I need is a key to the gate on the sewers. When you have it, give it to the Squire.”

    The young man nodded, and she furrowed her brow in thought.

    “Hey, tell me something. Do you and your friends go all the way up to the hotel to drink after a long day on the docks?”

    He shook his head. “No, he don’t want the likes of us drinkin’ in the bar and dustin’ the place up on account of his posh guests. Not that we’d drink there anyhow, it ain’t exactly the kinda place me and the lads can cut loose. If you know what I mean.”

    He blushed slightly, and Junie grinned.

    “Remember where you come from, kiddo. Clockhaven is home. Let’s give that smug ratcatcher a run for his money!”


    ((The city may be overdue for a good round of Bar Wars – who’s in?))