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Footman’s Logg; Sept 8, 18XX



I had set up the study, with the mythos symbol on the floor, and the candel burning in the  center, then the pengi wheeled in the black mirror. I had taken the ancient concept of an oracle and worked on the design, the machinery in the back would power it much more than any primitive blood sacrifices would.

I had the pengi move the device to the center of the room and vacate, lighting the insense and all that extra,

I started up the machine, stoking the small burner in back and setting the conrols, turning the sigils on the dials until they spelled Loosestrife’s name in elder sigils. and activated it.


While it sputtered and smoked from the smokestack, I moved to the center of the miskatonic circle and concentrated on it’s black surface.

It took a good amount of focus, and I was fighting not  to doze off, 

but then had had noticed an image forming.


I saw on the glass, a large black cloud over the city, I stared at the image and looked closer, noicing that the cloud seemed to have a small trail leading down.

AAt this point I subconsously noticed that the only light came from the candle burning in front of the device.  I didn’t pay too much attention as the image held my eye, 

 I followed the trail down into the city following it as it lead to a glowing green stone.


At this point I stood up , wondering what a glowing green stone had to do with Loosestrife, and where it was now, or if it even was a stone or some symbolic meaning these sort of things always seem to produce.

As I stood up, then I noticed the darkness and the shadows flitting, this is why I don’t do this very often, you see more than you want to.  


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