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Footman’s Logg; Sept 6, evening, 18XX Miss Macbain

I had run into Mr. Melnik talking with the church’s newly arrived sisters.  Once they had left, I had told Mr. Melnik about what Miss Anatra had told me, and we went to look for Star at the Gangplank.  The pub itself was quiet and empty, with no sign of Star, we were about to go look at the Bucket for her, as Sonnerstien and Anatra had mentioned she had been seen there, when Miss Bilavio had entered.  I left her and Mr. Melnik to talk and headed to the Bucket on my own.  

I had entered to see Mss Macbain sitting at the bar, looking slightly disheveled.  She sounded cheerful admittedly, but there was still something amiss, the fact we were in Underby’s bad being just the lesser of them.   Mr. Melnik soon entered, he must have left shortly after I had afterall, and we enquired to her well being.  She insisted she was fine, that she had slept there rather than walking home, then she looked behind her, at what, I couldn’t tell, it’s possible it was the other pub patron that had entered.   She also seemed very unconcerned being in Underby’s establishment, despite their hate/hate relationship.  She claimed Loosestrife would step in if Underby tried anything.  Apparantly she is staying in Loosestrife’s house, in a red room, the sound of it brought to mind a cell.   When I asked what she knew of this man, she practically gushed (Stargirl gushing…I have never been more disturbed), claiming she loved him and all, he had apparantly given her sanctuary in his house (in this red room)  as she had felt threatened by the recent graffiti, some of it showing up inside the gangplank.  I lied and told her the graffiti had been showing up all over, even in my plant as Dr. Sonnerstein then entered.

 She said ‘they’ had been trying to summon Pocket, but strangely seemed to have no memory who Pocket was, or Maggie, for that matter.  there seemed to be some gleaming who Tenk was however, though she apparantly hadn’t been able to see him when he was right there by her last nnight from what I heard.  and when asked about Pip, she called him a rotten little beast.   

I had suggested she come to the lab for an examination, partially as I wasn’t sure the new hospital was completed, and I wanted to test her serum levels. (and possibly break whatever spell she is under), she said Kaylee had worked on her leg, and totally oblivious to what I meant by her ‘other condition’.

Underby then showed himself, seeming strangely unperterbed the woman who evicted his wife was having breakfast in his pub.   We asked him what he knew f this, he fed us some line of only somewhat knowing Loosestrife, and tried to explain away Star’s symptoms like some Builder addled preist.  When Mr. Melnik asked f he answered to Loosestrife, and Underby denied it, Star laughed.  it was also noticeable how the snake was rattled by Loosestrife’s name.  He knew more than he was letting on, that was apparant.

I’ll admit I lost patience with Underby’s avoidance of answering questions, and had informed him, if I found out he was not being truthful, I would see to it, he wished he had joined Pip.  Star finally had gotten upset, I decided at this point then to return to the lab before I throttled the worm in front of everyone.

I’m concidering breaking into Loosestrife’s house and looking at this room.  or falling back on something I haven’t done in years and attempting to scry without any mechanical aids.  Last time I tried it I almost lost my mind.

If Star truely was in love, I can’t say I’d be thrilled, but I would oblingingly step back and let her be happy.  But this all feels wrong, and Underby I trust as far as I can throw.

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  1. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra September 7, 2010

    He’s got some hold on her. hypnosis, magic, what have you, but he’s manipulating her like a puppet in strings. I’ve had some special cold iron bullets made. If it comes to that.

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman September 7, 2010

    I may ask to borrow some if it comes to it

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