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Footman’s Logg; Oct 11th, 18XX

I finally returned to Babbage, having managed to get out just before the quarentine, wich given how my appearance has reverted back to before, is unexpected I would have made it out.  I’ve heard reports of this new outbreak, most the city apparantly becoming infected , but unlike the F-virus spawned off my serum experiments last year, this strain seemed to not only be airborne, but those infected kept their mental state….Most of them at least, I’ve heard some went mad.

The last of the escapees from the lab have also been rounded up from the graveyard, and somehow there’s more than there should be. I’m not sure if the extra zombies are leftover victims of this airborne virus, with their minds gone, or if the graveyard zombies had bitten some and spread it slightly, I do keep Dayafter’s cure on hand, but it’s really hard to say, some of them did seem to be old corpses, and covered in dirt.

The doors are back up, the Eels have been replaced and we are now back at full capacity again. I have told the Badger to wall over the holding cell for now,  for the most part, Mr. Mornington seems to have cured all the infected.

I’ve taken to using my rebreather again, as my lungs have again degraded, the serum may be losing it’s potency, or my time in Kadath without access to my serum, equiptment, or even a real lab may have caused it.  I’ll have to send Miss Macbain a letter warning her to take care not to overuse the serum until I can be sure.

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