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Footman’s Logg, May 25th, 188X, Test 47

:Refer to visual recording cylinder 12B, labelled ‘Bio-Alchemical Power Generation Test-12, Projeckt test 47″:

**when inserted into viewer and cranked, visor lights up to show a shakey image of a lab, Grendel Footman is standing at a table, connecting wires to an object in a dissection tray**


“#92, keep the imagfier steady and bring it closer.”

 *image zooms in as a mechanicle ‘warking’ is heard in the background*  “Yes yes, I’ll give you an extra ration of rum, just focus on the table already!”

 *Image zooms in to what appears to be a dark, twitching tentacle, partially vivisected, held open by pins, with copper wires clamped inside the inscision, Footman is heard clearing his throat*

 “Ahem, you’re looking at a freshly amputated tentacle from the organism, nicknamed ‘Edward’, at a couple months old now, the rganism’s growth has caused the need to cut back on some components of the serum/nutrient broth in the chamber. Thi tentacle was found growing through a crack found between two of the plates making the main body of the chamber, the gap has since been repaired.  We have connected copper wires to the tentacle, in the hopes the organism has inherited the desired traits from the C-Cells.  The other ends of the wires are connected to an invention of Edison’s, the electric light bulb.  We will proceed with the test now.”  

*Footman’s hands appear in the image, wearing heavy rubber gloves, as the ends of the wires are attached to the lightbulbs. nothing happens.*  “that’s strange, it should have lit up, don’t tell me the cells weren’t really from -”

* a rubber gloved fist slams on the table, as the tentacle twitches, and sparks are seen, as the lightbulbs light up*

“ah, there we go, success!!”

*sounds of mechanicle warking*

“Hm? oh no, it won’t be neccisary to bring a team of pengi to visit that dealer, anyway,”

*image zooms out as Footman clasps his hands together*

“As you can see, the power output of just a 12 in. tentacle is enough to power a few lightbulbs, imagine the whole organism.  The next step is to figure out a way to control the growth and regeneraton of the organism, It’s been occaionally forcing it’s way into the plumbing.  Sedatives were helping, but I’ve been having to use stronger and stronger chemicals.”

*the image shifts past Footman to show a brass chamber with something dark floating in the window*

“work will continue on the development of the organism, As the test has shown, there is a very high probability the old man told the truth, and the sample I bought is in fact, cloud angel cells, or, they could just be the skin shavings of an incredibly large electric eel, eitherway, they have taken with the other cell samples, quite well, though I maybe should have gone lighter with planarian flatworm, one thing I can say, it does not like the human skeleton.”

*the image centers back on Footman*

“it is my hope, that with further testing, we can soon replace steam and gas, even go beyond acheivements in electrical generation, by introducing a new surce of power, utilizing these self replicating, perpetual, power plants.  Alright, you can turn the imagifier off now.”

*Image dims and goes dark, just as the tentacle is seen waving in the background* 

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