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Footman’s Logg, May 17th, 188X, Purging the factory

As there still haven’t been any snakes in the snake trap (just a very annoyed urchin), I’ve researched the sightings further, as it always seems to be exiting or entering one of the city’s waterways, it seems to be apparant, that’s primarily how it gets around.

So, to flush the thing out, I’ve had the waste tanks of the factory purged, opening the waste expulson pipes, and draining all the leftover material fromthe assembly room, excess chamber fluid from Edward, and the byproduct of the production of my serum, all dumped into the canal.

It should, with the inter-connectivity, eventually spread to all the canals, and possibly the Vernian, and hopefully expel the snake, for capture and study, as it should push the normal chemical levels of the canals, to a more extreme level.

Then again, if the snake is already used to the canals, there’s a good chance the new chemical slurry introduced would only be a minor irritation to it, though it may cause an increase in wiggyfish size…



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