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Footman’s Logg, Mar. 7th, 188X,


I’ve been drifting on the sea for 


awhile, I’m not exactly sure how long. 


I’ve mostly lived off fish, as my 


dwindling supplies of serum…well 




I finally had good fortune, a fishing 


ship came across the pod, and while it 


took some explaining to convince the 


crew on board I was not some spirit of 


the drowned come to take them all to 


Davey Jones, we were soon off.


After a few days, the ship reached 


Steelhead, where seeing how it was semi 


familiar, and they had no plans to head 


towards New Babbage, I disembarked.


It was interesting, being far from home 


while having no access to my resources 


or funds.  But after a time, I was able 


to find an old woman in the Shanghai 


district, who sold and traded herbs and 


likewise from her own homeland.   After 


trading with the old woman, my cane, 


and the automoton that had been less 


than helpful during my crash and period 


of castaway status, (the negotiations 


were interesting to say the least, 


given the fact she only spoke broken 


cantonese, I may have alluded to the 


fact the automoton was a lost Tibetian 


god or something) for some needed 


ingredients (I had suspected she kept 


the rarer items in back, fortunatly I 


was correct), and retreiving the boiler 


from a boat I spotted at the bottom of 


Steelhead’s canal (the water was 


disturbingly clear), I holed up in one 


of the shacks on the outskirts, 


recompensating the elderly woman the 


room and board by enhancing her 


smuggled opium with a simple mixture of 


rattlesnake extract and strawberry 


jelly.  Where I was able to juryrig a 


brewer and mixed the ingredients from 


the Shanghai woman, with a leftover jar 


of Footman’s Balm, to make a somewhat 


watered down version of my serum, (that 


I am calling Formula 0, due to the fact 


it has 0 redeeming qualities, it burned 


like fire mixed with whiskey going 


down, of course then again it had never 


been intended for drinking).


After a time of more or less slumming 


it in Shanghai, I was soon able to 


locate the next ship to New Babbage, I 


did have to convince the captian I 


could improve the speed if he let me 


take a look at his engines, hopefully 


they will hold off exploding until we 


reach port.


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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin March 8, 2011

    You always know when Mr Footman comes back to the city…. a short while after he arrives, the vehicle he was travelling in explodes!

  2. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn March 8, 2011

    At least you had a companion during your time on the sea. The last time I was adrift I lost my companion.
    *A tear comes to Orpheus’ eye as he reminisces… Wilson! Willllllsonnnnnnnnn!

  3. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman March 8, 2011

    this automoton’s name was Voight

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