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Footman’s Logg, Jun 5th, 188X, Snake lair found?

I had arrived at the port, as there were cries of ‘Snake!’ apparantly it struck again, dragging someone into the sea.  Miss Kimika Ying and Seraphina Puchina were there, as he creature kept peering out of the water, to be met with gunfire.  We were joined by Mr. Mournington just in time to see a large steamshovel, with passengers, drive down the stairs, and off the dock, into the water with a splash, After the riders were fished out, Miss Chrometria and Mr. Lorefield, the serpent emerged again, to bite Victor befre swimming off.  At this point the crowd dispersed.  I mase my own leave to get to where I had docked the Iron Kraken, taking it down to the depths.


As I descended in the submersible, I donned my juggernaught class diving suit,  Returnning to the controls, I caught a flash of fin, thr snake was here.


Unfortunatly the serpent was too agile for the Kraken to keep up with it and I lost it, but I disembarked from the submersible to examine the wreckage it was swimming around.


What I saw, was a pile of bodies, most in blue suits, some just bones.  I feel this is where the snake has been bringing it’s victims.  I took a deuurogotype and returned to my sub, to surface and write a report to the naval command.[img_assist|nid=2657|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=640|height=414]

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