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Footman’s Logg, Jan, 27th, 188X

After the destruction of the plant, I’ve taken a short leave of the city, handing the land the cemetary rests on to a man of similar sounding studies, Mr. Fanshaw.


I’ve travelled first to Harbor Landing in Byrdland, Antarctica, to oversee reopening of the automoton plant, and seal blubber cannery (as well as check on the serum distillery), as automoton manufacturing has been a sadly neglected part of Footman Industries as of late, and I had developed new upgrades from my study of Miss Gizzy’s manufacture (who has lately dissappeared herself).  


I then travelled to Armada in  the A.C.Z. Sparrowwood, for a bit of a vacation, fishing.  While there, I was notified on an attack on an Antarctic Colony airship, it had been picking up a shipment of gears for the machinery at the main production plants in Harbor Landing.  Unfortunatly, there was no explosion, the theif made off with the shipment, (the worse part was they were also picking up a prototype cognigator I developed and had in storage, that had also been taken), but the crew was undamaged.


I’ve made note of this and continued to my fishing.


The Badger had accompanied me, as part of his early retirement, but claimed it was much too wet, and so he would be returning to his homeland in Caledon.


I will possibly take some time to visit a few areas before I return, I haven’t been to Innsmouth in over a year, or Miskatonic for that matter.

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