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Footman’s Logg, in the world of the Trichromat, the Monochromat is king

((just thought of typing this up after a conversation during the regreening party that came up, I’m monochromatically colorbling in RL, and since it’s easier than faking that I see colors, I just RP Grendel as colorblind as well))


Earlier this week, when I was out and about, there was all this commotion, people staring at their walls and obsessivly scrubbing them.  No idea what they’ve developed OCD over.

I had been taking a walk earlier, when I saw some sort of missle come out of nowhere and strike one of the buildings, splatting in some sort of dark grey liquid.  It didn’t seem too do much harm, so I continued on, despite the apparant distress at som of the fellow pedestrians, who started going on about something being purple.

As the week went on, I started hearing more about this ‘purple’, Dr. O apparantly had taken as his new evil plan, to launching purple paint all over Babbage…….he must be running out of ideas for death machines then is all I can figure.  

Then I started worrying my own factry would be hit with the purple, and I wouldn’t know.  It’s been dry the whole week, but if I was out and it was hit and had the time to dry, how was I to know?

So, a new test, while I’ve replaced many organs on myself in the past, I’ve never replaced my eyes.  A trip to the hospital was in order.  After making sure there wasn’t any other staff or patients around, I paid a visit to the mourge.  It took some doing, but I was able to find a corpse with both eyes still (I suspect a victim of the snake).  Taking them was simple, then I prepped the surgery, and went to work.  Work was….interesting, when you cant really see what you are doing.  After a few false starts, and with the pengi orderly I brought with me busy with a bottle of jack daniels and a hammer (I’ll have to replace the smashed bottles with ones from my own kit I’m afraid), it was soon done.  I quickly left the hospital, and looked over the city to see what exactly everyone was so anxious about, and saw, grey.

Had I read the chart I would of seen the cadaver was colorblind as well.

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  1. Giles Berithos Giles Berithos May 13, 2011

    An excellent and amusing story, sir.  ((I believe your condition is quite rare, although I have encountered it once before.  As an undergraduate, I was assigned a chemistry lab partner, a stranger to me.  Part of our duties was to record the various colours of solutions on a chart.  He was constantly asking me to name the colours.  I finally became impatient and told him to stop being lazy and do it himself.  He then revealed his monochromatic colourblindness to me.  Talk about feeling like a heel…))

  2. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain May 13, 2011

    Hehe, Gren, I’d forgotten!

  3. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman May 13, 2011

    ((my mother’s father was monochromatically colorblind, my mother carried the gene to me and my brother, but somehow he ended up with just red/blue colorblindness, and see’s most things as brown, with not much difference in shades, I see everything in shades of grey.  My sister will also likely if she has sons, give them some form of colorblindness, and if the father is colorblind as well, than any daughters they have.  I’ve pretty much gotten mostly over it by just going by shades, I don’t know what red actually looks like, but I can tell the difference between a red and a blue object by the shade of grey it appears to me as.  I’ve managed to have an off again/on again career as a graphic artist primarily because all my paints and photoshop swatches are meticulously labeled, I dont just have red, I have ‘bloody red, blushing red, sky blue, smurf blue”, etc. otherwise I mostly do black and white.))

  4. Orpheus Angkarn Orpheus Angkarn May 13, 2011

    Very amusing story. I can definitely see a mad scientist type being so focused on the end result they forget to check for those “minor” details. Keep the stories coming!

  5. Gager Gager May 14, 2011

    *Arnold didn’t notice that the eyes of the deceased were missing until much later in the evening, he’d had so much running around to do that day and both of their patients had wandered off despite one being in a wheel chair and the other having head trauma and shouldn’t move.

    Well, it wasn’t like the eyes were being used by the original owner anymore, but still Arnold made a note in his journal as something else to tell Mr. Harvey.  “Apparently, the morgue and patient rooms both need locks, and no, I’m not hunting down a pair of wandering eyes.  There’s too many in town.”

  6. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman May 14, 2011

    should have probably mentioned, I’m hospital staff as well

    • Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein May 14, 2011

      Tsk tsk. I could have helped there, Mr. Footman.

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