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Footman’s Logg, Feb 13th, 188X, research on the moon

I’ve been at the moon base, preforming some research of my own while taking vacation.


Fist was testing the Tesla Field Generator, wich utilizes the human body as a tesla coil to generate a field, I needed to see how it reacts to the lack of an atmosphere, unfortunatly, it also causes 3rd degree burns.




Afterwards, I took one of the steamrovers out to continue my search for moon men, so far, not even a Selenite.  I took a few rocks for further work, 





Partially out of boredom, and partially for my research into the Immortalis serum, I had broght the head of a corpse, taken from the mourge.  Bringing it outside to the lunar surface with me, I prepared a dose of serum formula 14, and injected it in the head’s left nostril.

Freezing temperatures do not seem to sit well with the newly reanimated dead, it gnashed it’s teeth much more sluggish than it would on Terra Firma.  Eventually it vomited (I have no idea where the vomit came from, seeing as there was no stomache) in a cloud of frozen particles, and I drop-kicked it.  The lower gravity gave it quite an arc.  I soon lst the head over the horizon.

After returning to the station, I helped myself to a cup of coffee and reviewed my notes, so far little of my research here was coming to fruition.

Unfortunatly I will have to return to Earth eventually, as after the last experiment, my personal supplies of serum were running low, and I was not about to attempt the balm as a substitute after last time.



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