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Footman’s Logg; August 25 18XX

I wanted to have boxing matches at the plant, the Pengi always used to
enjoy matches on the deck of the Rama afterall, and Babbage seems to
have a dearthe of gentleman’s sports (plus with the loss of the
CHampaigne rooms, what else do we have to occupy our spare time?) The
large empty space on the floor where the Geistmagorium used to be has
been bothering me as well. The unforseen issue I’ve run into however,
is the ring is a bit too large for my plant.

So to get over my dissapointment, I continued work on the accidnt prone
Tiamat, where I proceeded to have a peice of the hull come and bend my
thumb backwards at a right angle. I had snapped back the thumb easily
enough, but the dscoloration stayed, now it was black and blue to add
to the rash. I decided a break was in order and after a quick stop near
port, have continued on to visit Miss Macbain at the Gangplank, Miss
Frye and Mr. Mornington where also there. Mostly talked about land in
babbage and my plans to eventually expand the graveyard, then I had to
return to the lab and said my goodbyes. I hadn’t seen any discoloration
on Miss Macbain aside from her recent scarring (I would offer to
replace the arm and leg, but to be honest, I think the prosthetics are
endearing, and I doubt she’d let me stitch a new leg onto her), So I’ve
decided for now not to tell her there may be some side effects of the
serum, it could just easily be summer rash, as it had been a very warm
summer and I had found myself in the vernian often

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 26, 2010

    ummmm…..  Mr Footman… do you think boxing is a good idea, considering the likelyhood of regular buising..? or… maybe it’s to blend in, so’s all the blokes in New Babbage are black and blue?

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