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Footman’s Logg; August 19 3:02PM 18XX the Vernian Triangle

I had been working on the new airship, the Tiamat, and took it for a test flight before working on the weapons.  The Airship…exploded….once I was a few thousand meters in the air.

After patching myself back up again (it had taken a bit to find my left hand), I rebuilt the Tiamat and tried again, with Miss Macbain and Kalee as passengers.

First. Kaylee fund herself somehow stuffed in one of the engines, then we lost her completely as she fell out.  Then it got worse, in attempting to navigate to Clockhaven, the laggstorm blew us off course, and we were trapped… the Vernian Triangle…

While Miss Macbain had said it seemed like we were undewater, and was worried about what sort of water creatures could live beyond, All I saw was the empty sky, not even the airship around me.  The clocks were running backwords, earthquakes, volcanoes, the dead rising from the grave, human sacrifices, dogs and cats living together..mass hysteria!

actually none of that happened, the dimensional limbo we seemed to be in was more dull than anything else, the Tiamat was stuck solid.  I told Miss Macbain we may have to risk abandoning ship, she agreed.  

I don’t know what happened when she left, there one moment, gone the next, I found out later she made it safely back to the Gangplank wih Kaylee, when I bailed though, I found myself, briefly, in some land where everyone was just standing around in an empty white lobby looking confused.  It passed once I was able to escape and return to my lab.

I’m considering the Tiamat may be cursed at this point, I’ll wait for the wether to improve before I attempt it again


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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin August 20, 2010

    you called yer airship after a Babalonian Chaos god, an wonder when things so wrong? sheesh!

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