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Footman’s Logg; August 16 18XX

I’ve noticed my eyesight has appeared to be getting worse, I’ve had to taken to wearing my work goggles everywhere’s again, the benefit at least is the teloscoping vision I suppose, but reguardless….
the discoloration on my hands has me more worried, it resembles gangreen, but there’s no pain, I’ve kept my gloves on now when I leave home
it’s been fairly uneventful since the Geistmagorium exploded, the wreckage has been cleaned up, and there is a large empty space on my floor.  the portable Device Mr. Slenderman was trapped in is locked away safely, and all is quiet….
So I’ve started a new project, I still had tissue samples from the dinosaur that was running amok some time ago, I may be able to utilize it.

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