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Footman’s Logg, April 9th, 188X, Sate of Footman Industries

The new factory is now, for all intents and purposes, open.  A new subsidiary of Footman Industries in Babbage, primarily dealing with what my grandfather founded the company for, automotons.    Most the assembly is in the basement level, the constant noise coming from down there is soothing for the post part.
The showroom still isn’t terribly crowded, just a few crates of commodities, such as the Pterano-flyer I had built some time ago, and the newer 004 series model of automoton, from the technology I had developed with Miss Aya after studying the remarkably advanced engineering in Gizzy’s frame.
(they’re still a sad shadow of Gizzy’s intelect and personality, but I’m getting closer.)
The upper floors I have dedicaed to the library, parlor, and my rivate office/study.
While they still work as overall labor, I can no longer rely on the Pengi’s to keep the facility safe, the explosion of my old electric eel power plant through their negligence proved that, And with Miss Gizzy still at the Harbor Landing site helping with the excavations, I have designed a new security construct. Resembling spiders, I call them Arachnotons. They have very simple cognigators that give them more a canine intelligence, but they’ve been guarding the building well so far. I am currently working on an arena for construct combat, I have a basic kit for combat models of automotons in the showroom, possibly a construct wrestling league would not be oo far in the future.

More importantly than all this is my lab, I have utilized one of the lower storage rooms, keeping the entrance behind a stack of shipping crates. All my more hands on research I have moved down there, as well as one of the brewing vats from Harbor Landing, the new research with takes much more than my usual amount I take from the plant in Antarctica. And my recent castaway experience had proved to me that I never wanted to run low on my own supply again.
Plus, I need much more than a few vials as Edward develops…

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