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Footman’s Logg, apr 16th, 188X, further work

Development is proceeding well, the main logic-engine core for the factory has had some of it’s processes rerouted to control the input of serum into the regeneratorium.  It has taken to the new cell sample well.  I had to travel to pick it up myself however, to Cala Mondrago where I met with the suplyer in some empty bar in a corner.  After taking some time to fish, I took the F.I. zepplin back to Babbage. After the required tests to assure it was real (how they managed to get a sample from such a creature, i’m not sure of), and introduced it into the cellular culture growing in the regenaratorium.   After a few days of new growth, the energy readings increased tenfold.

At this point my work was interrupted by the sounds of the doors upstairs followed by a loud thud.   I sealed off the lab and went to see who it was, to find Miss Gizzy, sans an arm and wth her key ripped out, laying in a heap on my floor, as 004 chatted away at her mindlessly.

I thought she was still at Antarctica overseeing the work there?

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