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Fireworks Are Early This Year

“A special present for my dear friend Mr Arnold, to celebrate the success of the Asylum.”

Finding the Asylum still locked down, Dollianna carefully placed the  gift symbolically at the base of the front door. After struggling with the matches, she finally got the fuse to take a light. As she prepared to dive for cover before running into the building to set the second charge at the foot of Addlebrass’ door, she noticed the fuse die out like her nasty little hopes. She tried again yet the silly thing would not come back to life.

“Blast! Why must I always travel through those disgusting canals. I’ll never dry this out before Arnold returns…”

As she puzzled over her options, she saw a shadow approaching and gathered up her ‘firecracker’ before the cat discovered her.

“I am beginning to appreciate that there simply must be a superior method of protecting my secret. Perhaps there is no need for Addlebrass to pay for his discovery with his life…”

“Am I diseased? How can I have such thoughts?” she muttered to herself, slipping back into the canals to retreat and replan.

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  1. Mr. Arnold Mr. Arnold October 11, 2012

    See, this…this is why I will never have nice things.

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