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Finding one whos Lost (part 2) ((april 7th

“Take a breath an tell us, Lilith, more we knows, easier it will be ter find him….”

“I…I see him amongst the stars…. he… as if he is shredded apart…. then in a flash he is on this strange place.  I always see him back in this strange place no matter how I dream or where he was…but… when it comes to seeing people…. I have dreamed … dreams of others dying as well… since I been here…”

“Well, hospitals can take yer like that….” Tepic began, but he looked at Lilith intently with his next question. “Yer seen other people there?”

Lilith nodded and shuddered, “I even dreamed he came.. the one I…”

“Focus on Leon,” Beryl gently said, “Everything else is in the way right now.”

“Yep, we get him back an ye’ll feel better.”  Tepic assured her.

Lilith closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on the dreams.  She could remember the horrible things when she didn’t want to, but remembering the small details from her dreams wasn’t easy.  “I can see him often stareing at the dark ocean of this place as if waiting for something…”

She continued to describe the scene to her attentive friends, and Tepic took careful note of everything she said.  “So the trees were white…. an a crystal building…. what colour were the ground an sky?  Ah! The sea! Calm, little waves?  An Leon were just standing there waiting fer something comin by sea?”

Lilith nods, her ears as low as they could be, “Ya… he always said he grew up on the sea….”

“Yep…. recon we got an idea of where he might be now…. though don’t recon he should be there when he’s still in his body!”

Lilith stared at Tepic, tilting her head to the side curiously, “W..where is he?”

“Dunno fer sure…. but think he thinks he’s dead, so is waitin ter go on ter the next place fer him…..” Tepic explained to Lilith, but quickly continued. “Course, he got there by accident, we just got to go tell him he ain’t dead yet an should come back….errr….. before he gets on a boat!”

“I have never seen a boat in the dreams,” Lilith said softly.

“Phew….. cus if yer did, I recon it would be ter see him wavin’ yer goodbye!”  Tepic replied.  “Yer still got that necklace he gave yer, don’t yer, Lilith?”  Lilith nodded slowly and pulls it out from under her pillow.  “Errrr….. yer do sort of like him, don’t yer? yer know… special like?

Llith nods her ears remaining lowered “He… he is nice and cares alot about me, I always liked listening to his stories at the plank”

“Well… yer think I can borrow yer necklace fer a bit? Just til Leon gives it back?”  Lilith felt a little reluctant to part with it, but she slowly nodded and held it out to her friend.  He took it carefully and then opened it out to form a circle.  “Now yer think of this picture, Lilith…imagine yer can see the necklace open like this, an see Leon through it…then think of all yer feels about him, an keep all that in yer head an heart….yer got that?”

Lilith nodded softly, and closed her eyes as she focused on Leon.  She barely even heard Beryl say that he would stay with her until Tepic returned.  

“Here goes…. see ya, i hopes, Strifeclaw!”  And with that Tepic walked out of the room and out of the busy hospital swarming with nurses and medical staff and soon disappeared from sight as he made his way north to the Vole.

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