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Finding my niche in Babbage

Greetings, all…

I am trying to flesh out a place for me in the Babbage lore. My usual character is that of a merchant trader, traveling to far away lands.This is something I can continue, as I have goods to barter and sell, and also use a role play-based coin HUD for currency.

I had considered doing something different this time around. I have the beginnings of a salvage company in the Vernian. I figured since people were always blowing things up around here, there may be a need for clean-up.

I have procured an underwater craft for recovery of objects from the sea floor. I have also built an airship designed for lifting and towing. I am working on a ‘salvage balloon’ system to increase buoyancy on larger objects underwater so my little sub can raise larger wrecks. With some tweaking and massaging of the scripts, I hope to have something working soon.

In addition, my build in the Vernian includes a ship repair barn with ICS depots and an aerial airship mooring also with ICS depots. There is also a 60x10m runway for fixed wing craft available on demand. Simply shout “/22 open” within 96m to rez the runway, approach is from the North at approximately 160m. To de-rez, it is “/22 close”.

I’d appreciate some input. I would love to do one or both of these ideas here in New Babbage and interact in character with my new community.

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  1. Jonathon Spires Jonathon Spires February 3, 2011

    Battersea often throws tins of condemned cheese out into the Vernian. You’re welcome to them, of course, however we would to know of any golf balls that make it that far out, just for scoring purposes.


    I welcome your worthwhile endeavour Mr Gaffer.

  2. Grendel Footman Grendel Footman February 3, 2011

    Footman Industries has lost all sorts of submersibles, downed airships, etc in the Vernian, I’m sure there’s a good amount of salvage to be found , just any large cannisters labelled ‘Serum’ we’d naturally pay well for their return

    ((if you want something physical to salvage, I can always drop something down there to be picked up, i got enough nautical and air ships to sink afterall, as far as fitting in, the main points I guess are that everyting’s steampunk style, late 19th century, vernian technology, and magic is tricky here, gandalf types tossing fireballs around don’t do very well in city limits, especially clockhaven. ))

  3. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin February 3, 2011

    ello! Neat idea that, bringing stuff up that people have ‘lost’.  I find loads of gears and other stuff people have finished with, specially after a loud explosion.  Sometimes i do go underwater, but no way can i bring up anything but the the smaller stuff, so yer welcome to it!

    Errrr…… those tins were condemed… errrr… so … they shouldn’t have been sold ter people…? oh dear……

  4. DaveDorm Gaffer DaveDorm Gaffer February 3, 2011

    Mr. Footman, the only issue I can see with using your objects is the permissions. I need to be able to set the object to be moved as physical, plus in some cases the salvage balloons need to be linked or there are odd collisions between physical objects. When they collide, they are momentarily phantom, causing the balloons to break free.

    What I would like to create is some sort of scripted ‘docking apparatus’ that can be added to an object, such as a ship hull. That would allow the matching end, a ‘hook or grapple’ on my vehicle, to attach and move the target object. This would allow me to tow it, raise it from the sea bottom, etc. I could then move it to another location and release it.

    I am still working on the SL mechanics of it all. Sadly, I am not the most proficient scripter. I welcome any input. I just want to build up some fun interactions.

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