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Finding a home

Journal Entry:

January 27th 18**

It’s funny I came to New Babbage two years ago and continued to roam for a bit. Now I think I am finally ready to settle down for once.

A good friend of mine from France offered me a house above his new Public House, Alley Cats. I have known Baird Dubois for many years now and he owes me… well let’s just say quite a bit from saving him from that unfortunate incident at the circus. Baird may look like and bear, and mostly act like a bear, but he is no circus animal… neither am I for that matter. 

Either way, we came up with an agreeable situation where I get a decent rent and can do some side jobs from my home if I so choose it. I haven’t gotten the really inspect the area, but it’s in Clockhaven so it can’t be that bad, although the street name of Mad Alice Lane does give one a pause… no matter.

I just can’t wait to reenter Babbage life and become a decent and hard working citizen of the city.

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    • Rayn DeMark Rayn DeMark January 28, 2014

      Thanks dear child. It’s great to be back.

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