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Finders, Keepers, Memories make weepers… and some soul lifting.

I started my day in the afternoon. I went to a lovely Salon in the Aether Salon given by Miss Diogeneia.  It was lovely and I learned some things. (Mainly how people curse here, but all the same, it was fascinating!) After that I spoke to Baron some, and walked The Palisades.

The Baron was correct. The view is stunning. I walked for a good bit before deciding to go back to the sub and look at my list of social events. I noticed that the Robber Baron’s Ball is Saturday… and I froze. I needed something special to wear and I noticed that I did not have anything suitable, as I had already worn my best dress to the costume ball that was held here…
So I did what any woman would do. I went to my local outfitters to see what I could find. I managed to find something wearable but when I put it on, I noticed that something was missing. Jewelry. So I remembered that I had brought my jewelry with me when we moved here, I had simply forgot about it.

I rummaged around in my things until I found the box. And then I sat and went through them. Memories, every one of them. Every piece of jewelry is directly connected to a good memory that I have and all I could do was sit and smile, through teared up eyes. It hurts to remember good things sometimes, but I know that that’s just the psyche’s way of telling me that I don’t have to forget anyone I’ve ever loved. It will help me remember. So I chose a few pieces that may work with my new dress and I put on another piece that I used to wear quite often at home.

Then, Miss Erehwon invited Arnold and me to a dance… And I took a nap at the hospital and ended up late. But when I arrived there was lots of fun to be had and I…did manage to …dance some….

And after I met up with Pippy again, I checked her wounds. They are doing much better, and I am glad that she’s mending. I was afraid, what with how small she is, that her mending would take longer, but apparently she mends just fine. I let her bathe, swabbed her mending wounds and re-bandaged her to put her to bed. She’s sleeping now and I’m glad she’s getting better. Now, to find Arnold and implement my plan…

((My typist, who is annoying at times, has snapped plenty of embarrassing pictures to show you all.. If you follow this.. link, I believe she calls it?

Embarrassing, I tell you. Just embarrassing.))

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