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Faith and trust are the same are they not?

Two mikos sit at the table in the Nevermoor dojo.  The red haired one fidgets as the other squints at a small piece of rice paper covered with marks.  A pigeon rests in a cage nearby drinking and eating as if famished.

“It comes from Father and is in an old version of the clan code, one not taught to just anyone. Ah…what does this one mean, I forget.”

“Iyou, read what you have so far.  I can not take the stress of it much longer.”

“You were ever the one with the least patience Belldandy.  All right”

Dearest Daughter;

Yamada-sama and I council extreme care concerning this.  The spirit that connects to you might also be connected to the city itself.  Damage or the destruction of the city might travel down this connection and injure you.  Your messages to us are beyond our understanding, so Anaka-sama has stepped out to see what may been seen.  He returned to us yesterday exhausted and frightened.  He tells us that are many paths with only a few leading to safety.  The spirit of the city eludes him with purpose and he has no reading on its’ intent or power.  Based on this, we suggest you return home and allow the Temple to cast out the city spirit in order to save you.  This is not a recall as before.  We know how you feel about Babbage and we share your vision of faith and giri.  Do what you feel is right in order to save the most possible.


Belldandy sits in shocked silence.  Anaka-sama is the time walker of the Temple but rarely steps out any longer.  The matter must be serious for him to do that.

“Iyou this seems rather clear.  What part do you not understand?”

“Bell-chan the part where it says ‘eludes him with purpose’ is where the code breaks down.  it is as if Father wants to say two things at once.  Why would the spirit hide from Anaka-sama?”

“Because it is evil? Oh sister, let us follow the wisdom of the Temple and return at once!  I can close up this house in a moment.  Tasha and the birds will be fine.  I would die if harm befell you!”  Belldandy weeps into the sleeve of her kimono, ashamed for the emotion but unable to hide it anyway.

Iyou leans over the table to hug her, “Bell-chan”,  she whispers into her ear, “They do support me I know but they also understand how I define faith.  I trust the spirit.  That is my faith speaking.  Do you have faith in me too?”

Red-eyed, Belldandy looks up and nods.  “Then dear sister have some faith in me also.  Trust me and allow me to deal with this as I must.  I want you to stay here Bell-chan while I do this.  I shall take a bird with me and if anything happens I shall release to return here.  If it comes, close this place, release Tasha to move on, and return to the Temple.”

“But…but…but” sputters Belldandy

“No buts, do this if you have faith in me.”

Belldandy buries her head again but from the sleeve of the kimono comes a soft and muffled “Hai, Iyou-sama.”

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