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Face to face with the Giant Wiggyfish!

I’ve never seen such a large Wiggyfish. It eyed me for a minute then lunged! I was shaken up and startled but safe within the hull of my submarine.


( later….I’ve corrected the spelling,”Wiggyfish”.  Its funny, I’ve always mentally seen the word as “wigglyfish”. )

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  1. Mosseveno Tenk Mosseveno Tenk September 4, 2010

    That thing tried to eat me!

  2. Gabriell Anatra Gabriell Anatra September 5, 2010

    I didn’t see that monster, but I did notice a lot of dead wiggyfish under the bridge.

  3. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon September 5, 2010



    [I also have a problem seeing the name Wiggy and tend to read it as Wiggly, hence the origin of Avariel’s inability to tell the two words apart. No disrespect to Mr Wiggy. ^_^]

  4. Sheryl Skytower Sheryl Skytower September 5, 2010

    *readies fishing pole*

    I wonder what type of bait would be best…

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