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Eyes and Ears of the Church

Compilations of week’s observations of activities at the Bucket of Blood.

Venerable Father Pizarro,

Per my duties I send word on the requested information.

There were no sightings of an abomination.

Mr Underby expressed sincere grief over the death of an employee. She was apparently of a new American religion called the “Seventh Day And Dentists.” According to Mr Underby, the members of this sect bury place dead in walls on the eastern parts of cities awaiting a physical resurrection. At first he said the western part, but this was apparently an honest mistake. He apparently will attempt to entomb her remains inside a wall as opposed to burial.

I saw what I thought was an odd play of the flames in the fireplace at one point, but no one was present at the time,save for myself and a somewhat odd, and very tall gentleman with long ears and pale complexion who requested information regarding the nature of free will from a theological standpoint.

I will remain on this duty until I am told otherwise.

Your Student,

Brother N.

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  1. Buckminster Solo Buckminster Solo June 10, 2011

    Is everyone in this bloody town spying for somebody? Talk about a growth industry!

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