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“Uh oh…”

Arnold was pushed away on the balloon as the air exploded around the
raptor, and the cat rose higher into the sky and away from this death. 
Turning back, the heat he shouted, “Remember this!  A cat may have done
this to you, but his name was Arnold!  Not the others!ā€

The Mecharex flailed about, and then in one last gesture swiped at the
dangling cat now out of his reach as the flaming ship spiraled down
towards the mountains. ā€œI HATE YOU CAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!ā€

In the belly of Mecha-Rex, Doctor Dinosaur pulled furiously at the controls, trying to free the large steamecha from the flaming wreckage of The Klaw, feeling the quills on his head singe as the heat rose in the ovenlike construction of the construct. 

As the mountians of the Fells grew larger in his view, The Raptor continued jerking and yanking on the levers of the cockpit.  If he could free Mecha-Rex, then he could jump off the burning airship, and if he coordinated it right, the windmill could break the mecha’s fall. 

The last thing Dr. Dinosaur saw as he pulled on the controls was the fast approaching mountianside, and then blinding brightness as the ship exploded in the impact.




The Time Egg came to a juddering halt, having used the last of it’s power reserves to go to Clockhaven.  The doors opened as a trio of maintenance drones emerged to pick through the wreckage of the Klaw.  Following the presets of their logic engines, they sorted through the warped metal and wood, scavenging bits for repairs.  #32 ticked to the others, and they gathered as it pulled a cracked monocole from underneath the crumpled torso of MechaRex.  The Drone collected the monocole as the rest got back to work, attempting futilly to do what they were built for and repair the burning wreckage of airship. as the Time Egg faded away from view again.




Throughout the city, Hypno-receivers began to fall silent.  One or two were still picking up stray transmissions, but after a few days they’d subside. 

Most of the people of the city would not realize, hardly noticing they had been under mind control to begin with, while those that had reacted much more strongly would take some time to shake off the affects.

And a small baby penguin finds himself incarcerated in the Clockhaven Aquariums, But it’s not too bad, he gets all the fish he could want, and plenty of icy cold water afterall.

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