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As more and more of the strange fossil like objects appear in the cities sewers, the locals are finding some interesting uses for the toenails.  Nicknamed Devils Toenails by the street urchins of New Babbage, these large stone fossils have in actual fact been found to be made of a type of Keratin by those of a scientific mind. So is this scientific evidence that the rumours are true, that these are the toenails of the devil?

The exhibition at the Loki Absinthe Cafe Gallery displayed wonderful creativity and flare. Using only the Toenails to craft wonderful creatures possibly depicting the devils themselves. One particular sculpture had many of the ladies attending blushing as the resemblance of an elephant perhaps was lost when viewed from a certain angle, replaced by something far more risqué. Being the most talked about sculpture on display it is rumoured that Mr Mornington plans to purchase it for an undisclosed sum for displaying proudly in the Brunel. The exhibition shall continue through the month and more additions are planned saysthe young coordinator Loki Eliot.

 “The exhibition is open to anyone who createsa sculpture from these ‘Devil Toenails’ to place them on display on the provided tables”

 Do take the time to visit this unique and ratheramusing exhibiton, and if searching the sewersfor sculpture material, do watch out for the devils below!


Businessmen come to blows!

The friendly atmosphere of the Absinthe Cafe was destroyed when a Mr Benjamin Briggs of the Krakenwell factory stormed into the building shouting obscenities towards Mr Pimplefot owner of the blacking factory north of Babbage Square. After a confusing exchange of words it was understood that Mr Briggs were accusing Mr Ploppyfoot of creating a huge hole in the wall of a cellar storage area at Krakenwell Factory. The hole  lead to a tunnel that emerged into the sewer system which Mr Briggs believes Mr Prattlefat used to steal or destroy barrels of supplies and materials used by the Krakenwell Factory. Mr Platypus denies all accusations against him as complete nonsense. Both plan to write to the Mayor over the incident. 


Babbage Chronicle Periodicle – Marcus Goodbee




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  1. River Falcon River Falcon March 19, 2017

    I wonder if I dare visit the exhibition, to see what all the fuss is about.

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