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Excerpt from the Maestro’s Log- dated 25 November, 188~

25 November, 188~

After I regenerated, my host set for us to land in the catacombs under the northern most part of the city. This was near where I recall having crawled to the surface. We made our way through the catacombs, hoping that it might jar my memory. As we approached a big open space I became sullen. Then I saw it! My friend and I righted it. The underground river must have carried it here into the catacombs.


I took my leave of my companion to assess the damage done by being buried underground for over a month. I went inside the police box and did some repairs to power up the Tardis. As I powered it up I realised that the ship was showing some instability. I took it into temporal orbit; I did not want to be responsible for any major catastrophe to the planet, as an exploding Tardis can have devastating results to the passage of time itself. At least, in theory it could be devastating. No Tardis has exploded before, to my knowledge.

Once I was in the Vortex I began attempting to stabilize the ship. I don’t know what I did, but in the process of pushing buttons I set off the Cloister Bell. As the klaxons blared, I realised that a doorway had appeared. I have never set eyes on this doorway before. Inside I could see, to my surprise, another Tardis console. Before I could ponder this puzzlement it became clear that my Tardis was in no shape to be flying. It became apparent that the doorway that appeared was an escape pod, a secondary TARDIS of sorts. More importantly, I could tie the controls of my ship into the escape craft. I programmed the necessary commands and entered the escape pod.

Now I am in this new Tardis, which resembles a cozy pagoda. I have sent my Tardis to a random location where, I hope, it will shut down properly and allow itself to repair the damage. Until then, I shall use this Tardis to return home and allow myself to heal from this ordeal. It has been a long and strenuous month. I am glad that it is over.

((OOC Happy belated Thanksgiving fellow Babbagers. Hope you enjoyed your day of feasting and football and all that other stuff!))

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