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There Is No Lovely End – Babbage Book Discussion

Date(s) - Sep 19, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

There Is No Lovely End by Patty Templeton
R.F.Burton Library

Apparitions! Outlaws! Mediums!

1884. Nathan Garlan hears and sees the dead. Using his uncanny aptitudes to assist society and its specters, he has become the most acclaimed medium in Boston. But not all esteem him. Nathan Garlan’s own mother craves her boy butchered—and she’s not the only one…

Misery! Lust! Murder!

New Haven. Sarah Winchester is the heiress to the Winchester Rifle fortune and a haunted woman. She has searched for release from familial phantoms for two decades, yet found no respite. However, she has heard of a medium in Boston who regularly administers miracles…

Wit! Wonders! Outrage!

Who is the Reverend Doctor Enton Blake? Why does the lawless Hennet C. Daniels search for him? What form of profane curio is a trick box—and what, precisely, does one inter within it? Will Sarah Winchester find serenity through Nathan Garlan’s services? Or will Hester Garlan find her son first? (Amazon summary)

Available in paperback and on Kindle.

All welcome. Join us for a lively hour of talk.

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