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September Babbage Book Discussion

Date(s) - Sep 27, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Starfish and Coffee (The SparkleTits Chronicles #1) by Veronica R. Calisto

R.F.Burton Library

The death of Greer Ianto’s mentor sparks a cascade of personal disasters, each burning away a piece of her carefully constructed life. Car, job, and boyfriend, all gone.
Drowning her sorrows at her favorite bar, and unidentified falling object smacks her in the chest. Now, her skin glows. From a faint shimmer coming off her fingers to the shining, hypnotic beacon of her breasts. She welcomes the distraction that a friend’s art gallery opening will bring, but an easy night is not in the stars.
A woman behind an odd string of robberies crashes the opening, using unorthodox tools to control the crowd and escape with the goods. Neither the police nor the local superhero union have any leads on the woman, but Greer and her sparkling…personality may be the key to catching her.
Anyway, she’s got nothing left to lose. (Goodreads review)

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