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Saturday 24th September is Urchin Day

Date(s) - Sep 24, 2022
All Day

Saturday 24th September is Urchin Day, a day you can let your inner raggamuffin out! Details are still being worked out, thingamabobs still being built, but it will all work (mostly) by the day!
There will be tea tray races, a bashing (hitting stuff with sticks) event and a party (2pm to 4pm slt)
Also throughout the day you will be able to tour the sewers from the Urchin Smuggling Centre (no, it’s us urchins smuggling stuff, not smuggling urchins… errrr…. unless they REALLY need to get out of the City on the QT…) to The Gangplank for a relaxing drink! (we haven’t told Miss Junie yet…)
There will be a tin can peashooting stall for you to try out your skills with the traditional urchin sidearm
Kits to let you try being an urchin are being worked on, so if you are a bit taller than is sensible, that can be sorted
Times and Locations to be worked out….

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