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Morning Dew – October Babbage Book Discussion

Date(s) - Oct 24, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Morning Dew by Andrew McCurdy
October 24 at 1pm slt
R.F.Burton Library

Life’s become pretty stable since the apocalypse. Grief’s given way to survival. Routines have been established. Farming, rationing, and scavenging skills have been perfected. Not much changes—until you unearth a mysterious black hole, growing in a field amongst the dandelions. Something about that hole is affecting nature in ways you can’t quite understand.
Discover a world where rainbow fireflies glow in tune with your mood, quantum demons swear at you from the bushes, and cassowaries roam North America. (Amazon summary)

There’s a rumor that the author may join us.

Available on Amazon.

All welcome. Join us for a lively hour of talk.

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