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All Urchins! Welcome All to Our Fair City!

Date(s) - Jul 04, 2020
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

There will be an informal in character chat at the Sneaky Vole on Saturday, lead by Tepic

The aim will be to introduce new to the City urchins to some of the folk that live here, adventures that have happened, places they can stay and lots of other useful information.

Who is Steam Santa, and more importantly, the dreaded Boiler Elf?

Mr Tenk, Mr Underpa…by, Victor Mornington, Miss Book, and many others.

Groups in the City, both imagined and real – The Pennyfarthing Gang, the Bootblacks, the Chimney Sweeps, Street Sweepers, and lots more.

Where to stay – Loki’s Gaff, Lilith’s Kitchen, the Power Station, the Secret Urchin Base and yet more.

The Blue Sparrow – why it is useful for urchins needing clothing repairs – well, they are seamstresses……

The sewers, useful or deadly dangerous? Morlocks, R.O.U.S., flooding.

The Church of the Builder – good soup but they try to learn yer stuff…..

Come along and have some fun.

Adults welcome, but will be Micky Finned and will be comatose during any discussions, so anything you hear will be OOC.

Urchins old and new welcome, and any stories, advice or just plain gossip from old hands would be appreciated!

Any and all information given should be taken with a grain of salt and may be highly inaccurate.

Starting 12 noon SLT to about 2pm SLT

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