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15th Annual Steam Santa and Boiler Elf Christmas Ball 1-3PM SLT

Date(s) - Dec 16, 2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Please join us December 16th from 1-3PM for Holiday Cheer, Vigorous Dancing and General Merriment as Piermont Landing presents a Holiday Ball for the Highlight of the Season – the much anticipated Visit from Steam Santa and The Boiler Elf.

Steamlands children dream of telling their wishes to Steam Santa all year but quake in their boots at the thought of standing before the Boiler Elf, He who can see into your Heart and Truly KNOWS if you are telling the truth – If you have been Naughty or Nice. Come test your mettle. Can you pass under the Boiler Elf’s scrutiny? Will Steam Santa hear your wish, bestow a gift & some warming Coal?
The Lore:

This being a special anniversary, the 15th annual, a photo retrospective will also debut at the ball and remain on view through Epiphany on all 3 levels of The Piermont Landing, taking us back over the years of this Happy Time. Mr Aberdon Enigma and Miss Fauve Aeon are pleased to welcome you this year to continue the Tradition, along with our Maestra of Music Nellie Wilde who will be commanding the Piermont’s Amazing Mechanical Ærophon.

The decor this year will be the Traditional Red and Green by special request of our Estate Manager Mr Pearse.
Dress code is ‘Holiday Finery’, (historical or modern). Dress Military uniforms and National Costume ensembles are welcome & encouraged. Get your Glad Rags on and come celebrate! Small gifties & Coal for the Worthy will be provided.

Holiday Music will begin classical and progress to more raucous sounds as we party. We have singles, couples & Tiny dances, and a circle dance. Rumor has it that the champagne bubbles at Piermont Landing also contain Cavorite for Lift so Air Dances are also provided and of course Exploding Holiday Humbugs are always guaranteed. To ‘fly in’ to the party for a grand arrival by air (always encouraged!), please use aircraft (32LI or lower required for city flight) and make your approach on the SW side over the Memorial Gardens to use one of the 3 airborne Landing Platforms to dock – then teleport down to the Main Landing.

All of the Steamlands Nations and Friends are invited to join us for this Celebration. Regrets only.

The Piermont Landing – Airships & Champagne Lounge

Note: This is a ‘light RP ok’ event with a focus on community building. Cordial ‘party manners’ are always expected at Piermont Landing, whether in or out of character.

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