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Entry 3: Like a Child in a Candy Shop

I’ve decided to cut short my introductions to these entries as well…it takes up much time that I do not feel wise to lose at this time.


I have had an epifany of the town of New Babbage, not only are the dandylions that roam about wreak of insanity, but so do the gust of wind, known as their men, float about as light as is what’s between their ears.

 What suculant little bits of sweetness this is and how I would love to consume them all, but alas, my teeth cannot handle such and everyone knows there is nothing more calming than a prestine pearl smile.


Now is my chance to truly do what I enjoy doing…studying. The people, the land, the culture…the mayhem. I hope it never ends…but all good things must come to an end, don’t they? Hopefully not anytime soon…

Subject R however is showing signs of intelligent conversation and composure. I’m loosing my interest in her rather swiftly, as striking as she may be to the eyes. I hope her normality doesn’t spread about the city curing it’s plague of insanity before I get my enjoyment.

Subject B though…I had the pleasure of running into her earlier today. She had seemed very tired, muttering, and unstable. Upon such discovery I felt my heart skip a beat.

Could this be what I’m looking for? The Pandora’s box of my base need to know the psychii of the psychotic woman?

 I feel as free as a child unkept in a candy shop…perhaps this bit of wealth can be put to good use. Where’s an urchin when you need them?

Entry closed.


(Unable to really log in a journal. He is fiddling with a large bag of money and grinning darkly as he thinks)

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  1. Sky Netizen Sky Netizen August 30, 2010

    *laughs darkly and opens up her long to-do list, looking at the bottom to cross off the last task*

    Convince Mr. Martiel that I am “normal” so he will lose interest.

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