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Entry 2: Out of the mind…into the fire…

After a rather expensive purchase, I now find myself writing this entry in the back office of my new theatre…Victory Hall. I have somewhat buried myself neck deep in a new challenge that sadly…does not hold me dear at night, yet has given me something to hide behind while I observe my subjects.

Scarce as they have been lately, I look forward to another encounter…especially with subject R. She seems content on being around, perhaps I have some new cologne that tames vipers…I need to remember what it’s called…

The Church of the Builder was a really…nice…*sucks in his breath* place. It’ll be interesting to see what theses disciples of architecture have in store for this town. Though they have been well established here from sometime I was told.

So now…I sit in my great hall, my real reason put on the back bunsen burner for now. But all and all I shall roll up my sleeves and save this elegant establishment. Who knows…it might even pay off.


Entry Closed.

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